Fighting Sports Pro Training Hook & Loop Boxing Glove Review

Fighting Sports

Fighting Sports boxing glovesProduct: Fighting Sports Pro Training Hook & Loop Boxing Glove 

Price: $100/£110

Designs/Colours: White or Black

My Rating: 



To start off this review, I think it’s important to give a bit of background to Fighting Sports. This brand is a sub brand from Title Boxing, who have clearly wanted to compete against the famous Japanese boxing equipment company, Winning. You can see from the image below they are extremely similar in branding (see below).
So be careful out there if you’re planning on purchasing either one of these brands. For the purpose of this review, I won’t be going into Winning vs Fighting Sports gloves. We’ll be trying to concentrate on the quality and my experience of using the Fighting Sports Pro Training Hook & Loop Boxing Glove. Leave that one for another day! 😉

Winning vs Fighting Sports

So, many will argue now that Fighting Sports boxing gloves are not good quality or just a spin off of Winning, however I would really beg to differ. First of all they are actually a very good quality all round glove for using in all your boxing training. I’ve used them for pretty much everything, including sparring, heavy bag, the mits and double-end bag. I can honestly say I’ve never really had a problem with them so far.

I personally find them extremely comfortable to wear, they are easy to put on with lots of room for your thumb, very cushioned for your fist on impact (incredibly well protected) and a firm velcro strap which holds you wrist well in place when punching.

Other details of the glove include full grain leather, high density foams at the knuckle area and a nylon liner inside the glove to repel moisture.

Fighting Sports boxing glove

Now for my pros and cons:


  • Hands and wrists are extremely well protected.
  • Very comfortable for your hands.
  • Is good for all boxing training.
  • Durable.
  • A lot more affordable than Winning gloves.


  • They feel like mock of Winning Boxing Gloves.
  • Design is maybe a bit too simple for some.
  • Lack of colour options.
  • Could be more breathable for your hand.

Overall if you have a limited budget and can’t purchase the Winning boxing gloves, the Fighting Sports Pro Training Hook & Loop boxing glove are a fantastic alternative in my opinion. They have been a very reliable in my training and a great asset in my boxing gloves options. Trust me when I say you’ll be getting a good product, because they’ve not let me down yet.

So if you fancy yourself a pair Fight Sports gloves Click here to see a range of options.

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