Expert Boxing’s How to Box in 10 Days Course | Review [2022]

expert Boxing, how to box in 10 days review

Have you ever wanted to start boxing, but are not sure where to start? Well there are lots of boxing courses all over the internet, but in my opinion Johnny Nguyen of Expert Boxing has created a truly perfect course for beginners looking to start boxing.

In this review, I’ll give you my own experience with the How to Box in 10 Days course, along with what you will get, who I think will benefit from the course itself.

What is the How to Box In 10 Days Course?

The How to Box in 10 days course basically does exactly what its says on the tin, which will accelerate your boxing skill set in the space of 10 days. However, having purchased the course a while back now, I can vouch that this prolongs the 10 day period as you can constantly go back to areas of the course to hone your skills and understanding of the sweet science of boxing.

It comes in the form of a 300-page beginner instruction ebook, 32-page workbook, and 1hr & 40min video — to learn the proper fundamentals of boxing technique.

The amount of content that you get is truly remarkable for any beginner looking to learn how to box.

Who created the course?

The course was created by Johnny Nguyen, owner of, which is probably one of the best boxing training website since 2008. (Besides Boxing Life of course!) which provides techniques and tips for boxers, fighters, martial artists, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to learn how to box.

Johnny with Freddie Roach

Johnny is really relatable guy as he used to be a boxing beginner himself and he understands the intimating nature of boxing which puts off a lot of people from attempting to take up in the first place.

The other great thing I like about Johnny is his teaching style, he makes it really easy to understand techniques which often get overlooked by beginners and even more advanced boxer. Everything is simple in what can be a complex sport to follow at time and that’s what makes this course an awesome choice for any beginner.

What you will you learn?

I said above the course in the form of 300-page ebook which comes in 10 sections covering a different area of boxing for each of the 10 days.

Expert Boxing Course Example

You can obviously pick and choose what you want to work on, but it’s advised to follow the course from the beginning. Here is what you will learn throughout the course below:

Boxing stance, how to move and throw punches with proper form.

  • Intro – Safety briefings, details of boxing equipment, gym, and introduction with trainer Johnny.
  • Day 1 – Stance & Footwork
  • Day 2 – Straight Punches (jab, right cross, 1-2 combination)
  • Day 3 – Curved Punches (hooks, uppercuts, body shots)

Defense, Combinations, and Counter Punching.

  • Day 4 – Basic Defense (blocking & parrying)
  • Day 5 – Advanced Defense (rolling & slipping)
  • Day 6 – Punch Combinations (basic combos, advanced combos, mitt drills)
  • Day 7 – Counter Punching (steps and details of over 60 common counters)

Advanced Skills, Training & Sparring.

  • Day 8 – Advanced Skills (tips to improve your punching, defense, body movement)
  • Day 9 – Boxing Training (weekly workout plan to develop fight conditioning)
  • Day 10 – Sparring (sparring drills, fight tips, fight strategy)
  • Final Words – advice, top 10 boxing questions, congratulatory message

You will also get a 32-page workbook, which will help you keep progress of your workout routine and checklists to monitor your progress daily. These are great for reviewing, since you can skim them quickly to reinforce the skills you need most.

Now there is obviously the added bonus of having 1hr & 40min video content with course, which lets Johnny able to show you the techniques in action – having this content available was so valuable for me when I used this course to really get a grip of the skills I needed to learn.

Here is trailer for the How to Box in 10 days to show Johnny teaching in action:

Who is this course best for?

Personally I believe this course could be for a few people, but mainly best for the following:

  • Complete beginners, and those nervous to start boxing
  • People who live far away from a boxing gym.
  • Those wanting to coach boxing to beginners
  • People looking to get fit while learning a new sport/skills
  • Boxers looking to add something different to their training

You can get my full explanation for all the above in Best Online Boxing Courses Article here.

My experience and other feedback:

When I first started boxing 8 years ago I was very nervous timid about going down to the boxing gym not knowing anything. For me I felt that I needed to be confident in what I was doing before showing up and taking part in my first training sessions.

This is exactly what this course did for me, as I quickly learned the skill set required to become a boxer which in turn grew my confidence massively and have never looked back since!

Now I’m not the only one that has seen positive results with this course as other have had to say:

Bought a copy hours ago and started reading. I’m only about 30 pages into it but I have to say, this book was much more than a review for me. I have to say, even for a seasoned boxer with amateur experience like myself, there’s a lot I could learn from this. Very well organized and I love the pictures. It makes the learning process easier. Good job, J!

I hope you have more guides coming out, I’ll be first in line. ???? — Steve

You do an absolutely excellent job of showing the different techniques. Honestly, I didn’t know there were so many variations to throwing the 1-2! Actually, to be honest, just your explanation of the cross had me sharper in drilling and sparring yesterday. Excellent stuff…Great pictures, even better explanations. Anyone interested in taking the first step into this beautiful sport we love, or want to brush up and evolve in what we love doing, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. – Keep up the great work

I own/operate Ramos Boxing Team out of San Antonio. I was an amateur boxer from 1987 until 1995, professional from 95-00 and have been coaching since 96. I find your articles very accurate and in line with my way of thinking of the sport. It’s good to find the younger generation out there with some common boxing sense. Keep spreading truth! — Arturo Ramos III, Johnny! — Ron


Pro and Cons of the course


  • Ebook instructions are very easy to follow and made for beginners
  • Video content really helps you to understand the boxing techniques
  • The course content prolongs the 10 day period
  • Instant access after paying


  • It might be a bit out of some people budgets
  • Those that don’t like to read might struggle (There is video content however)

Final Thoughts

Online boxing courses can get looked as sceptical by those that take part in the sport and most will always recommend you just head down to the gym first.

However, if you are a beginner and needing that little extra knowledge and confidence boost, the How to box in 10 days course will set you a part when first turn up to the boxing gym. I’d even go as to say to use this course as you head to the gym to progress your skill set even quicker.

Boxing Life’s Rating

You will definitely won’t be left disappointed by the boxing course! Visit here to find out more about Expert Boxing’s course or click below to buy now.

How to box in 10 Days

Make sure to let us know in the comments below if you think you might consider taking up this course.

If this course does not pick your fancy I recommend you check out my other top online boxing course option here or why not check out some more fitness related program reviews.

Or look out more boxing training advice by visiting the link here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is nice and useful, and one can learn easily when these steps are followed diligently, though it looks sceptical online as you rightly said, but because of the lock-down, going the the public gym will be a bit difficult, so i guess i will stick to the online course, its nice though, i will also be trying it until the lock-down is eased, Thanks for sharing.

    1. Exactly, because of the the current lockdown situation it makes it perfect time to try a course like this! It’s also a brilliant course for those that are not sure where to start! 



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