Everlast Powerlock 2 Boxing Glove Review

Everlast powerlock 2 boxing gloves review

In this review I will be looking at new and improved Everlast Powerlock 2 Training Gloves. I will give you my own experience using the gloves and if I think Everlast have done a good job with the upgrade. This will include my thoughts on design, features and pros/cons.

The brand 

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If you have been in and about the boxing world for while a now, you will know the Everlast are a fairly renowned boxing and fitness brand. 

From legendary champions Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson to current boxing and MMA superstars Tyson Fury, Josh Taylor, Errol Spence Jr, Dustin Poirier and Canelo Alvarez

Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes.

Powerlock 1 vs Powerlock 2 

Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves differences

Before looking at the Powerlock 2 in closer detail. I want to get rid of any confusion here as there are actually a few versions or the Everlast Powerlock boxing gloves. 

These include the Powerlock Hook and Loop Gloves made with synthetic leather, Powerlock Pro Training Gloves (read my review here), the Powerlock laced fight/training pro gloves and of course the new Powerlock 2 gloves.

You can check out all the above in the graph to see slight the differences. I would have to say it is without a doubt a better upgrade from the original Powerlock 1 with the synthetic leather. I definitely recommend over it, however it will be interesting to see if they create a new ‘pro’ version of the glove.

Check out my final thoughts and rating at the bottom of this article. 

Glove Design 

powerlock 2 gloves review

The Powerlock 2 gloves definitely have a different look and feel to them compared to the original Powerlock 1 training gloves. 

One of the most obvious features of the new Powerlock 2 training gloves is the turnback hook-and-loop closure system. This is basically to keep your wrists locked in place to help secure them while using. It also has additional padding on them helping you feel comfortable and protected

The padding on these gloves uses a quad layered foam core, to help maximum impact absorption when striking the bag, mitts or opponent in sparring. 

The final design elements Everlast has used is the use of PU synthetic leather and a mesh material to help with greater ventilation. I will go in more detail below. 

My experience

Having had a bit of time to use these Powerlock 2 gloves now, I have to admit I wasn’t too sure when I first put them on. 

I got these as 14oz and they do feel quite spacious once you have them on. For me, the thumb was slightly smaller than I would like (I have big hands), but not enough to make me feel too uncomfortable. 

After using it on the heavy bag and doing some mitt work, I did start to appreciate the quad layered foam padding in the strike area. 

Everlast says these gloves can be used for sparring too, but if I’m being honest, there are far better sparring gloves out there which are more suitable than these. Nevertheless, on things like the heavy bag or mitts these will feel just fine. 

In terms of the new hook-and-loop closure system, it does help your wrist feel very secure and in place. A couple of minor criticisms of the stap is that it can flap over slightly the tighter you make it. 

The other area is if you are training by yourself, you could find it hard to tighten. But that is probably why they let it flap over slightly so you can get a grip of it. 

Overall I really did feel protected and was comfortable enough when training. 


This glove is definitely 100% synthetic leather like the previous model. However, I did find this glove to be much better crafted in terms of the stiching and use of the leather. 

The other main difference in these gloves is the full mesh palm to help with the ventilation of the gloves. This is something I’m not the biggest fan of as I feel it can weaken the overall structure of the glove personally. 

For example, I would like it if Everlast did something similar to what Twins did with their BGVL2 gloves which had little mesh panel feature to help give just enough ventilation.  

There is also sweat-resistant interior lining, however I only think this can help so much, especially if you don’t look after the gloves properly. 


Right now there are only some color options, but I do imagine Everlast will release more designs soon. Here are some visuals below of my own gloves or check out on Everlast’s website to see more versions of the Powerlock 2 gloves.

  • Black/Grey 
  • Black/Gold
  • Orange/Red 
  • White Grey 

Features Overview 

  • Powerlock hook and loop closure system
  • Quad layered foam
  • Full mesh palm
  • Sweat resistant interior lining
  • PU Synthetic leather

Pro and cons of Everlast Powerlock 2 gloves 

Hand feels very protected in strike zoneToo much mesh used in palm 
Hook and loop feature makes you wrist feel locked in and secure Non-leather (Synthetic)
Very breathable Hook and loop strap can flap over if too tight
Better crafted/stitched than original Powerlock training glovesLack of color options (right now)
Comfortable and spacious to wear

Final Thoughts 

Overall I think Everlast have done a really good job upgrading from the original Powerlock gloves. I feel the overall build of this new version has been crafted a lot better and the quad foam padding definitely helps your hands feel more protected when striking. 

The new wrist strap is also a very welcomed feature, which helps your wrist feel very secure, but can flap over the tighter you make it. 

The palm of the hands mesh material is useful if you want to give your gloves ventilation, but lack of care can deteriorate the glove quickly if not looked after in my opinion. 

If you are looking for a boxing glove for a simple punch bag session, these will do just fine! However if you are planning on doing things like sparring and mitt work or if you just wanting a longer term glove by Everlast, I would probably go for the more expensive Everlast Pro Powerlock Training gloves instead. 

Boxing Life Rating 

Why not check out more boxing gloves options here to see if anything else picks your fancy. Or why not check out my review on the Everlast Elite Gloves.

Make sure to let me know in the comments below if you think you might go for the Everlast Powerlock 2 Gloves. 

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