Everlast Elite Training Boxing Gloves Review

everlast elite training gloves review

In this review I will be looking at Everlast Elite Training Gloves. This is not to be confused with the Elite Pro Style gloves. I will give you my own experience and view using the gloves. I will also give you my thoughts on design, features and pros/cons.

The Brand

If you have been in and about the boxing world for a while now, you will know the Everlast are a fairly renowned boxing and fitness brand. 

From legendary champions Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson to current boxing and MMA superstars Tyson Fury, Josh Taylor, Errol Spence Jr, Dustin Poirier and Canelo Alvarez

Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes.

Elite Training Gloves vs Pro Style Gloves 

Everlast elite gloves difference

Now before I go into more detail about the Everlast Elite Training Gloves I just want to get rid of any confusion which some people have. These are completely different gloves to the cheaper Everlast Elite Pro Style Gloves! In fact I would recommend you do not go for these. The version 2 version of the gloves also looks very similar, with the same brand print. Check out the graph above so you can identify the difference between the Everlast Elite Gloves. 

If you are a complete beginner, instead check out my blog on some of these beginner gloves.

Glove Design 

Now I’m not going to lie when I say this, but Everlast has created really awesome looking boxing gloves. It has a very unique look and feel with a shield like design on the top of the glove. This is in fact called the evershield technology and is used to protect your hands and wrist for all types of training. This basically stops your wrist from flexing backwards on itself so it really reduces the chance of injury. It does feel really stiff when using the gloves on the heavy bag. 

The hook and loop version of the glove does not require the velcro strap to go over the top of the glove like most traditional velcro gloves. It does instead go on the bottom, but due to the tight fit of the glove itself, it doesn’t feel like the strap has been tighter. 

There is also a lace version of the glove which I recommend you get if you want a tighter fit. Keep in mind you will need a partner or someone at the gym to help tie this up for you. 

There is also a slight flaw with the strike area of the glove where the stitching is very close to the strike area. Although Everlast says that it can be used for sparring, you might get some coaches being cautious with it. However, it is definitely designed to be used as an all purpose glove.  

My Experience 

everlast elite gloves review

Now in terms of my experience, I got these in 16oz and I really have to admit that I love the feel and comfort within the glove. Especially with soft inner lining material that keeps your hand cool.

When you put your hand in the glove it feels great and nice and rigid, thanks to Eversheild technology. The thumb area also fits in perfectly for me and I have quite long thumbs, so that is a positive for me. 

As mentioned above, the hook and loop strap is not the greatest, so I just had to make sure I had a nice secure hand wrap around the wrist before using. 

Nevertheless, I found this very secure and protected when using it for the heavy bag, mitt work and sparring. 


Like the majority of the Everlast gloves, it is made in China. Nevertheless the quality of its creation is definitely a lot better than some of their other gloves with some good double stitching.

In terms of the materials used it is a high quality synthetic leather which might put some people off using it. However it does feel nice and tight on the glove and just from using it feels like it would have good durability. 

In terms of the actual punch padding they have used a premium blend of multi layered foam to help give gloves that all purpose protection for all types of training. 


The Elite Gloves come in 5 different versions from what I can find. The main colors being black, red, blue, white and all black versions. Personally I think these gloves look really cool and unique to some other standard gloves. Check out the gloves below:

Pros and Cons of Everlast Elite Training Gloves

Can be used for all types of training Not real leather used
Very rigid design helps your hand feel secureMight be out of some people’s budget 
Cool and unique design Hook and loop strap could better
Very comfortable to wear
Doesn’t take long to break in

Final Thoughts 

Overall I feel Everlast has done a brilliant job with the overall look and feel with this glove. There are some design issues particularly with the hook and loop strap being too flimsy in my opinion. So I would go for the lace version, if you will be training around people in a gym or with a partner. 

The comfort of the glove is also fantastic and the lack of support with the hook and loop strap is balanced out with the Evershield technology, on the top of the glove to help with the rigidness and support. 

The Elite training glove is also quite expensive, and with some fundamental issues I would always try to get this glove at a lower cost if you can. 

If you are based in North America I recommend visiting Everlast’s website and sign up to their newsletter to get 15% here. They also do random sales throughout the year which can be useful to get money off their products. Otherwise you can check these gloves out on Amazon in the link below. 

Boxing Life Rating 


Why not check out more boxing gloves options here to see if anything else picks your fancy. Or why not check out my review on the Everlast Powerlock 2 Gloves.

Make sure to let me know in the comments below if you think you might go for the Everlast Elite Training Gloves. 

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