Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes Review

Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes Review


The Everlast Elite high top boxing shoes are one of the most popular options currently with many of the top professional boxers seen to be wearing them, including the likes of Terrence Crawford and Deontay Wilder.

This boxing shoe is definitely a higher end boxing shoe and will cost you a little bit more than some standard boxing shoes out there. However, the quality and durability of these boxing shoes definitely makes it worth it.

In this review I go over what they feel like wearing them, the look and design, an overview of the materials and pros and cons. 

Personal Experience 

The experience so far using the Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes has been excellent to date! One of the first things you will notice probably is how bulky these shoes actually are and if you are looking for lightweight boots these probably won’t be for you! 

However, I have just found by using these shoes they almost seem to be a hybrid of a basketball, running and boxing shoe in one! Once you have them on you will notice the weight straight away, but despite this the ankle support, grip and comfort makes you feel very snug wearing them.

The other cool bit about this boxing shoe is that they have partnered up with tire giant Michelin for the sole grip, giving this plenty of durability for this shoe to last a long time. 

Everlast and Michelin Collaboration

In terms of your boxing style, if you like to be light on your feet I wouldn’t use these personally due to weight. Everlast do describe them to be lightweight, but when you wear shoes like the Adidas Box Hog 3 shoes there is definitely a difference! 

Nevertheless, if you are someone looking for extra foot support and comfort, I believe you will really enjoy wearing these as it will secure your foot while setting your feet to punch and making any sudden change of direction.

The Design 

The design of the Everlast Elite’s comes in three main standard colours: Black, Red and Blue to date. Hopefully they will release more choices in the future for people to choose from. I personally went for the classic black option. 

They have used nice and thick lacing with these shoes and you also have velcro strap at the top of the shoe to secure your foot and to tuck any hanging laces from getting in the way while training.   

These are mid to high top boxing shoes and I’m sure wearing the blue or red shoes will help you stand out in the gym or ring! Check out the red and blue versions below:


For the material as mentioned above, Everlast have collaborated with tire giants Michelin to construct the highest quality technical soles. This gives the boxing shoes maximum traction, flexibility and support while giving you the best grip and durability.

The rest of the shoe has been constructed with open weave mesh, microfiber and suede to give more comfort and stability for the rest of your foot. 

A Closer Look 

Here is a closer look at my Everlast Elite shoes below to give you a closer look at the features: 

Pros and Cons

Very comfortable to wearNot many colour options
Can be worn for boxing training and other gym activitiesHeavier than promoted, but still light enough
Extremely durable and will last you a while Might be out of some people’s budgets
Outstanding sole grip and support
Feels very secure and snug fit

Final Thoughts 

For me personally, these are one of my favourite boxing shoes to wear in the gym, mainly due to the hybrid design and how comfortable you feel while using them. I’ve also liked how Everlast have teamed up with Michelin in this design to give it a unique edge over a lot of boxing shoes that will not be able to match their sole grip.

If comfort and security is what you are looking for, you won’t be left disappointed investing in a pair of Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes. 

Boxing Life’s Rating:

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions around the Everlast Elite Boxing shoes or if you have experienced using them.

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