Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford | Fight Preview

Errol Spence Jr vs Crawford

Get ready for a clash of titans as two welterweight champions, Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford, step into the ring to determine the best in the welterweight division. This highly anticipated matchup between two elite fighters promises to be a fight for the ages.

A Battle for Welterweight Supremacy:

Errol Spence Jr., known for his power and precision, squares off against Terence Crawford, a master of ring intelligence and versatility. Both fighters have established themselves as top-tier talents in the welterweight division, and this showdown will determine who truly reigns supreme.

Power Meets Finesse:

Spence, with his heavy punching power, aims to deliver fight-altering shots against Crawford to break him down. Meanwhile, Crawford’s impeccable timing and counterpunching abilities will test Spence’s defensive skills. It’s a classic matchup of power versus finesse, making it a must-watch for boxing fans.

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A Clash of Styles:

Spence’s aggressive pressure and body work will be pitted against Crawford’s switch-hitting abilities and diverse skill set. Spence’s determination to maintain control and dictate the pace of the fight will challenge Crawford’s adaptability and ring IQ. Both fighters bring unique styles and strategies to the table, ensuring an intriguing tactical battle.

Unanswered Questions:

While both fighters boast impressive records, questions remain unanswered. Spence’s limited experience against top-tier competition raises the stakes against Crawford, a fighter widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound. Will Crawford’s slow-starting tendency be exploited by Spence’s fast-paced aggression? Can Crawford’s counterpunching brilliance overcome Spence’s power shots?

Regardless of the outcome, this matchup guarantees fireworks. The collision of styles, combined with the legacy-defining implications, will captivate fans worldwide. It’s a true test of skill, heart, and determination between two champions vying for welterweight supremacy.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable night of action as these two warriors leave it all on the line to etch their names in the annals of boxing history.

Spence vs Crawford Tactical Overview

You can watch my tactical overview feature for Spence and Crawford below to see my thoughts and breakdown of the tactics both men might employ.

The fight has been confirmed to air in UK and Ireland via PPV on TNT Sports Box Office (formerly BT) at £19.99. While in the US, it will be available on pay-per-view on Showtime at a price of $84.99. For further information, click on the provided links below:

Betting odds for Spence vs Crawford

Terence Crawford is currently a slight favorite at 4/7 (-180) to win the fight. While you can get 7/5 (+140) on Errol Spence Jr.

Bet on the fight with BetUS:

Estimated Ring Walk Times – Spence vs Crawford

The fight will take place at the T-mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. With the main event ring walks as follows – subject to change*

  • The UK and Europe*: 4 am – 5 am
  • North America PST: 10 pm -11 pm
  • North America EST: 1 am – 2am
  • Australia AEST: 5pm

Spence vs Crawford – Event Undercard

Current undercard fights with more to be confirmed.

  • Issac Cruz vs Giovanni Cabrera – lightweight contest
  • Nonito Donaire vs Alexandro Santiago – for WBC world bantamweight title
  • Yoenis Tellez vs Sergio Garcia – super welterweight contest

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