Corner Punch Tracker Review

Corner Punch Tracker Review

Product: Corner Punch Trackers

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My Rating:

five star

Who are Corner?

Corner Punch Tracker Review

Corner are boxing/punch tracker company based in the UK who have created a really awesome product which has been created for professional boxers/fighters or those who box for fitness.

Corner developed this punch tracker and app over a period of 4 years alongside professionals, coaches, engineers and designers to bring you an experience which makes every training session so much more meaningful.

By using Corner’s punch trackers you will be able to see your progress not only over months and weeks but in real time and if you don’t have a coach, you can let this tech keep you accountable for your hard work!

What exactly do you get?

Corner Punch Tracker unboxed

Once purchased you will get two Corner punch trackers along with two slip on and secure the Corner wristbands. Once applied you just need to make sure you use handwrap to tighten and secure when using.

After you have got your punch trackers ready all you need to do is a few simple taps to connect to their awesome punch tracking app which is available on Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

They also come with a USB charger making them easy charge in most places on the go!

Check out the video below of Corner unboxing what you will get to see for yourself:

Corner Punch Tracker App

The main feature on the Corner Punch Tracker app is of course their workout selection options, this includes the following three:

Quick Start – Gets you straight into your boxing workout. Corner will detect the start and end of each round.

Interval Training – Set the round and rest intervals for your training session which makes it perfect for boxing training as interval training plays big part in boxing workouts.

Manual Timing – Start and stop each round using the controls in the app. This is great options if you are a coach or training partner.

Corner Punch tracker App

What stats does it measure?

Well the good thing about the app is that it tracks multiple things when throwing your punches no matter what workout option you select.

It tracks your speed, power, total punches, intensity, and your top combinations all in real time so you never miss a punch.

This is great to know to see how hard you are working along with what punches you are also throwing each time. It really is a great way to measure your overall punching output.

Corner have made the app very simple to navigate and see all your workout data. They have made clickable and very user friendly info data widgets so you can see your stats, anywhere in the gym. You can use simple hand gestures to navigate around the live screen, without removing your gloves. Which is brilliant feature to have as all other punch trackers apps have not added such a feature to this.

In terms of the data actually shown on the dashboard this includes a break down into jab/straights, hooks an uppercut punches. It also shows your top combinations which can help identify if you need to change up your punching.

Depending on what workout option you decide, you can review all of your workout data round by round. This really helps you to push and reach your goals for speed, power and for punch count during your boxing workout for that extra motivation.

Corner Reviews

Some of the top fighters and coaches have also used Corner punch trackers as part of their training to monitor performance and work rate. Here is what some of them have had to say aboutusing theri product.

Callum Smith – WBA, Ring magazine and WBSS super-middleweight champion

Callum Smith Corner Boxing

“I think it is a good tool to see your work rate at the start of a camp to the end of camp.”

Joshua Buasti – British light heavyweight champion

Joshua Buatsi

“As the round goes on rather than my stats, output and my work rate dipping, I want to increase it. So having something like that is very beneficial”

Joe Gallagher – Ring Magazine & UK boxing trainer of the year in 2015

Joe Gallagher

“That piece of kit will be invaluable to any coach, I think it’s a dream for a coach.”

Virgil Hunter – Trainer of former p4p star Andre Ward and former world champion Amir Khan.

Virgil Hunter and Amir Khan

“Now I can see who isn’t putting in the hard yards, no more slacking”

Tracker Specs

SIZE & WEIGHT – Size: 25 x 35 x 8mm. Weight: 10g (per tracker)

  • Hit Proof
  • Sweat & Water Resistant
  • Battery Life – 7 hours
  • Lightweight & Comfortable

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with two trackers and wrist band holders
  • Very engaging and useful app
  • Gesture feature to navigate around the live screen, without removing your gloves.
  • Three workout options to select


  • Syncing can come in out at times
  • Might be out of some peoples price range.

Final Thoughts

Corner in my opinion have created one of the best punch trackers currently in the boxing training market and it’s no wonder many of the top boxing clubs, fighters and coaches from around the world are starting to use them to monitor their performance in the gym.

Even if you box for fitness the Corner punch trackers can be a a great way for you to measure your boxing workout to make sure you are putting in the intensity into each workout session that you have.

You definitly won’t be left dissapointed with this unique product!

Learn more about Corner Punch Tracker on Amazon here

Other Boxing Punch Trackers

I highly recommend you check out my top 7 punch tracker article here or why not consider these 2 options below if you don’t fancy going for the Corner Punch Trackers. See below:

Piq + Everlast Boxing Punch Trackers

Renowned boxing company Everlast have teamed up with Piq to create their own unique boxing punch trackers. Similar to Corner, these come with unique punch trackers, an associated app but have much thicker and bulkier wrist wrap to hold sensors in place.

Learn more on Amazon here: PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker


Once again very similar to Corner, but the Bxtrackers have made this far more affordable if you are looking for a cheaper punch tracker.

Learn more on Amazon here: bxtracker 2019 New Smart Boxing Tracker Punch Trackers

Let us know in the comments below your experience of using Corner Punch Trackers or if you would consider using it?

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Thanks for reading.

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