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Superhero Boxing Gloves

Have you ever wanted to train like a superhero? Well believe it or not, some brands of boxing gloves have created some awesome superhero boxing gloves for you to consider.

One brand in particular, Hayabusa, a fightwear and equipment company have teamed up with comics giant MARVEL. Teaming up together they have created some of the coolest looking superhero boxing gloves along with being overall brilliantly designed for training.

These gloves are currently labeled as limited so they might not be around forever! So it’s best you don’t miss out!

Hayabusa have also based their superhero gloves off their bestseller T3 gloves, giving you wrist support, hand protection, & the comfort/fit you deserve. Here are some other features:

• Industry-leading wrist support

• Versatile custom fit by Dual-Xb

• Proprietary foam composition

• Ultra durable microfibre leather

• Odour-resistant antimicrobial lining

• Certificate of MARVEL Brand authenticity

These gloves can also be brilliant boxing gift, especially for those that love fighting sports and superhero movies!

Now here is the list of superhero gloves you have been waiting for along with couple of other options if the Hayabusa gloves don’t take your fancy!

1. Hayabusa Black Panther Boxing Gloves

King T’Challa often deals with problems bigger than himself to protect his nation. As he takes on the role of Black Panther, he proves to his people that he can lead by example.

The stealthy, high-tech suit was our inspiration. Vibranium veins and Wakandan etchings were used across the glove, mirroring his suits ability to store kinetic energy.

Learn more on Amazon here

2. Hayabusa Captain America Boxing Gloves

Captain America is a symbol of freedom and responsibility. As a super soldier, it’s his duty to protect. Using two separate designs, these gloves reflect Cap’s dedication to his country through his classic suit design and his iconic vibranium shield.

Learn more on Amazon here

3. Hayabusa Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves

Through the great sacrifice, Carol Danvers now serves as one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. The strong colours, lines, and design of the Captain Marvel glove will leave you feeling powerful.

Learn more on Amazon here.

4. Hayabusa Iron Man Boxing Gloves

What makes Tony Stark a hero is his dedication, passion, and his genius intellect. Taking inspiration from his classic Iron Man suit, these gloves were made to reflect its mechanical components and iconic design.

Learn more on Amazon here

5. Hayabusa The Punisher Boxing Gloves

This relentless, determined, and ruthless anti-hero was born from pain and loss yet, he found a purpose. The Punisher gloves were inspired by Frank Castle’s tactical, black-ops combat gear.

The dark rugged design is accompanied by Frank’s signature warning to all who oppose him, the Punisher skull.

Learn more on Amazon here

6. RDX Kids Boxing Gloves for Training & Muay Thai

This superhero junior boxing gloves may look fun, but under the surface, they incorporate the same shock absorbing EVA-LUTION™ foam that you’ll find in RDX Sports adult gloves – guaranteeing safe sparring for younger boxers, and ensuring that your child is adequately protected in and out of the ring.

The hero on the design will be sure to motivate and get your child punching the heavy bag!

Learn more on Amazon here

7. Sanabul Sticker Bomb Adult Boxing

If Manga or Anime hero are more your thing, the Sanabul Sticker Bomb Adult Boxing gloves are sure to be a hit with everyone. These gloves are perfect for Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing or any other striking class!

They also come in three different designs with some really cool artwork

Learn more on Amazon here.

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