Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program Review [2022]

Cinderella Solution Weight loss Review

Finding an effective trustworthy weight loss solution can be a very hard thing to find and one program which has reached massive popularity over the last couple of years is the ‘Cinderella Solution’.

In this review, I will be looking at the highly rated Cinderella Solution weight loss program which is specifically targeted for women who are overweight or looking for healthier lifestyle.

What Is the “Cinderella Solution” Program?

Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution is primarily a weight loss solution program which comes in the form of PDF-e-book/audio formats.  In this program you will get to learn about shedding weight correctly and healthily which consists of nutrition and workout plans to get the desired weight. The Cinderella Solution’s aims for you is see big results within the first 28 days of the program and beyond.

Who Created the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution was created by lady called Carly Donovan, who personally wrestled with weight loss issues in her life. After becoming a mother, this where she really started to struggle to lose weight and continued putting on more pounds like so many do.

During Carly’s weight gain she attended a doctor to find out what was her issues may be. She received shocking new were she developed diabetes that was helping towards her weight gain. 

This was the final straw for Donovan, as she set out to find out what would help her finally lose the weight she had been carrying around for so long.  She then started study and investigate the science behind women losing and gaining weight and why in other countries such as Japan and France were on average much lighter than American women.

After much work, Carly discovered a big factor in ‘food pairing’, which is a massive contribution on how you can lose weight. Whilst combining this with exercise and properly guided diet it can help to reset you weight hormones and see you start losing weight effectively.

Carly then of course made the Cinderella Solution, thus creating one of the best systematic weight loss solutions for women online.

What Will You Get and Learn?

The Cinderella Solution is split into four parts which really help you to get a greater understanding of the process and what is required of you to finally lose weight effectively.

Part One: Introduction

This is basically an introduction to program where you will get into the mindset of starting your journey. In part one you will learn about the ‘food pairing’ process and the importance of being at a healthy weight in your life.

Part Two: Diet Blueprint

This is where they start to go into much more detail regarding your daily diet blueprint designed just for you! This includes an initial 14 Day diet and nutrition calendar which includes meal plans whilst explains nutritional benefits.

The program has provided a list of foods you should be eating and along with delicious recipes you can try out to aid with your weight loss.

This part is crucial in helping you understand how your food intake can vastly change your body and weight.

Part Three: Flavor Pairings & Meal intake

In part three, the program goes into far more detail about ‘flavor paring’ and meal intake. Here you will start to learn about the correct portion sizes, when to eat according to your new diet plan and what flavors to use in certain meals

This part really helps you to understand how to create recipes that taste good, but also help with your weight loss.

Part Four: Top 10 Flavor & Food Combinations for Weight loss

The final part of the main program will give a top 10 list of the best flavor and weight loss food combinations to try out in your diet. By this point of the program you will truly understand what types of meal plans and combos you will need to start getting weight loss results you want.

Body Results

Check out some of these amazing body transformations from those that have participated in the program so far.

Brand New Cinderella Accelerator Packages [FREE BONUS]

On top of the original Cinderella Solution, they have also recently included an awesome bonus of the ‘Accelerator Package’ for FREE. This includes:

21 Day Nutrition Guide – a Fat-Loss Master Plan that not only Accelerates results over the first 3 weeks of the original program but creates a metabolic slingshot that speeds up the results throughout the rest of your body transformation.

Accelerator Movement Activity Guide – this includes specific workouts that are specifically targeted method designed to complement the female metabolism that use ‘Movement Sequencing’ workouts to fast-track results. Although it’s not necessary to exercise on your Cinderella weight-loss journey, these short 8-minute AT-HOME workouts are only for women who want to lose weight even faster.

Who is the Cinderella Solution best for?

From researching online, the program I would say is best for women that feel overweight at any age. The program does target for women that are 30+, but if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle this will also help you!

How Much Is The Program?

The Cinderella Solution starts off at reasonable price with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results.

There is also audiobook version you can get for an additional $15 if you prefer to listen while on the move.

You’ve got nothing to lose if you’re not happy with what you get. Find out more on their website here.

Is the Cinderella Solution a Scam?

First off, this program is not a scam in my own opinion, from reading program myself I know it definitely requires some commitment and dedication from the individuals and this where many people must fall and complain why it doesn’t work as they do not follow the program instructions.

Its simple, if you are committed and follow what they say – you will see results. If you don’t follow the programs advice – you won’t see results.

Pro and Cons of the Cinderella Solution


  • Excellence value for money in terms of knowledge you will get.
  • Allows you to lose weight safe and healthy way.
  • Really simple and easy to understand.
  • Useful tools and methods – especially the initial 14-day diet and nutrition calendar.
  • Program comes with 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.
  • Tailored specifically for women (A pro if you are woman)


  • Only for women (If you are man looking for a weight solution, I recommend you check out some these options)
  • You can only purchase this online
  • It does require a lot of dedication and commitment
  • It may take longer to see results after the 28 days if you don’t follow it strictly.
  • Heavily on diet and nutrition

Final Thoughts

If you are women who is who is overweight and is need some guidance on diet and nutrition this is probably one of the best online fitness and health programs to consider for yourself.

If you are to follow the diet plan strictly, you will see results no doubt. I would also highly recommend combing with Accelerator Movement Activity Guide (included in the package) or some other sort for physical activity whether you go to the gym or take up running as this will also help you see results quickly.

For me, being active is crucial part of being able to lose weight and keep at healthy weight. If you do this combined with the methodology of the Cinderella Solution you see incredible results. You don’t want to miss out!

Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments below if you are thinking of taking up this program or if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program Review [2022]

  1. Hi Jamie! I believe lockdown is the best time to try to lose weight, as I tend to hide in comfort food in times of inactivity and stress. Thank you for reviewing a diet for women. The results are impressive. A bit of this and a bit of your boking tips and Bob’s your uncle! Do you know if this diet is protein based?

    1. Hi Purdey, I know during this lockdown is probably one of the best time to concentrate on yourself and achieve something! The Cinderella Solution will definitely help give you something to work towards during these difficult times. 

      Yes their is protein options within the diet and recipes! 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment! 


  2. Great review on Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program and it looks like a really solid product for ladies out there looking to shed some weight. Being in quarantine for a bit now from the pandemic, it’s easy to put on a few pounds for anyone, so this could be beneficial for lots of people out there. The results look pretty outstanding and I appreciate the real-life testaments as they definitely add reputability when it comes to the product. I was amazed to see that Accelerator Package is available for free. I agree completely that there is excellent value for the money and that it’s an easy to use system. I can’t wait to share your post with some lady friends, well done!

    1. Hi, I know its a really brilliant offer especially with the additional Accelerator Package making it great value for what else you are getting!

      Really appreciate you sharing this with your friends! 🙂 



  3. Thanks for the review about this lose weight program. I think its important that when we buy the product, we need to commit to changing as well, wherever is our diet or exercise routine, it all matters.  I think some people just brought the product and read it but no change in lifestyle which results no change in the result as well. Would recomemd this to some people in suitable times, thanks for the review. 

    1. Thanks for the comment, yes it’s so important that you aim to change your whole lifestyle when you take on  program  like these otherwise you won’t get the results you want!


  4. I like that you mentioned that this program must take commitment and dedication to see results, and that it may take longer than the 28 days if not following the program strictly. This makes the product realistic and it’s upfront with letting potential buyers know that not a single product out there is a miracle worker. 

    Even the best programs take a high level of commitment to see results, just like with anything. That said, I like that it’s heavy on nutrition, which is the true key to weight loss results rather than simply physical activity. I also like that there’s a 60-day guarantee, giving me more faith in this program. 

    1. Thanks for the comment Todd. You are totally right, just like with everything you need to commit to something to see the results. Once you get to that finish line it is so worth it!

  5. Thank you for the review. Do you think doing yoga burn would go along well with Cinderella Solutions?

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