Chris Eubank Jr Vs Conor Benn | Fight Preview

eubank jr vs benn fight preview

[Update – Fight has been postponed]

Due to a failed drug test from Conor Benn, the fight scheduled on October 8th between Chris Eubank and Conor Benn is now off. You can get my full reaction and timeline of events in the video below. It is yet to be decided if this fight will happen and go ahead in the near future.

On Saturday, October 8th we have a strange British clash between Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn who will continue the rivalry of their fathers almost 30 years on.

I created a video back in July when the fight was first rumored to have been accepted. And it very much had an element of the promoters and DAZN using nostalgia as a way to get more sign-ups and PPV buys in the UK market. Which I guess you could call a smart move from their perspective. And you check out below. 

This probably shouldn’t be a fight that is happening, and the only reason it is possible is because of their father’s names and legacy, the payday, and the coverage it will provide. Nevertheless, there is something always intriguing about these types of fights and questions that get thrown around.

One thing is for sure, Eubank jr and Conor Benn are not their fathers, they definitely have taken things from them over the years but they are their own fighters in a completely different era. 

What weight is the fight?

The big question on everyone’s mind is will the size make a difference? Well yes. We have seen countless times smaller men move up in weight only to struggle, but also some men have much success. Such as Leonard vs Lalonde or Pacquiao vs Maragrito.

Nonetheless, there are limits for both men in this fight. As it will be fought at a catchweight of 157lbs,(between super welterweight and middleweight) over 12 rounds at The O2 Arena in London.

But despite this risk, we have seen the mind games of the two act very differently on social media in the lead-up so far. Eubank has been seen eating cake and KFC. While Benn is showing how seriously he’s taking it. You can’t help but think that Eubank may just accept and ignore the rehydration clause and come in heavier to make sure he has the advantage. He has also already stated that he won’t be 100% going into this fight.

Either way, we will find out soon how this weight issue will go down. 

Where can I watch Eubank Jr vs Benn?

Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn will be exclusive to most countries on DAZN, however, if you are based in the UK this will be PPV – find out more here.

Eubank Jr Vs Benn Tactical Overview & Prediction

You can watch my tactical overview for Eubank vs Benn tactical Overview below to see my thoughts and tactics both men might employ. I also give a brief history of how we got to this point and my prediction.

Estimated Ring Walks

Main event ring walks – subjects to changes*

  • The UK and Europe*: 10pm – 11pm
  • North America PST: 2 pm
  • North America EST: 5 pm
  • Australia AEST: 7 am


This is not the greatest undercard of all time but there is some good British talent on the card. Including Felix Cash, Yafai, Ellie Scotney, and Chris Eubank’s brother Harlem.

  • Felix Cash vs Connor Coyle (middleweight)
  • Galal Yafai vs Gohan Rodriguez Garcia (flyweight)
  • Mary Romero vs Ellie Scotney (women’s junior featherweight)
  • Harlem Eubank vs David Martin Campillo (junior welterweight)
  • Chloe Watson vs Nancy Franco (women’s flyweight)
  • Shannon Courtenay vs Gemma Ruegg (women’s bantamweight)
  • Lyndon Arthur vs TBA (light heavyweight)

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