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Chris Algieri fighters kitchen review

The Fighter’s Kitchen is probably one of my favourite cook books right which features 100-muscle-building, fat-burning recipes with meal plans specifically for boxers, mixed martial artists or those just looking to get the fighters body.

The book was written by former welterweight world champion Chris Algieri, who is certified sports nutritionist which makes it even more legit to learn what nutrition you should be taking.

In this review I’ll share with you some contents of the book, my own attempts of recipes share by Chris and leave you with some great videos by BOXRAW showing you how to make some of these.

Who is Chris Algieri?

Chris Algieri

First off let go into more detail about the man author of The Fighter’s Kitchen – Chris Algieri. The American is a currently a professional boxer and former kick boxer who has won titles at junior welterweight, welterweight (WBO world champion) and super welterweight divisions.

Algieri has a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from the New York Institute of Technology and as mentioned above is a certified sports nutritionist.

Chris has also worked with different kind of athletes on their nutrition goal and needs – including fellow boxer Danny Jacobs.

Science of Nutrition

In the first section of the book Chris Algeiri helps you understand the science of nutrition which many boxers will overlook when training. Chris makes it clear from outset that if you want to achieve your physical goals it actually begins in the kitchen. He goes into much detail around the macronutrients you digest which can help sculpt you fighter physique.

Nutrition Basics

To start off, Chris simply explains how food is a key source of energy for you and how it can massively benefit you while training. The other point of focus is metabolism, where he explains how these factor also have big affect on you. E.g. a high metabolism equals high fat burning efficiency. This is why it is so important to be properly fueled before you training sessions – especially if you are boxing as this involves a lot of high-intensity interval training.

Nutrition Essentials

The other really useful part of this book is Chris simply breaks down the types of macronutrients that are essential to any fighter. He explains what each one is clearly, what they do and what types of foods have them. They include:

  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins

He also explains the importance of hydration to be part of this daily nutrition including the benefit and also the physical consequences if you decide not to consider this as part of your plan.

Fighter Kitchen Nutrition

Nutrition Routines

Now to help reach your nutrition and fitness goals, Algieri makes it clear about making or picking a plan. Being consistent with your dietary routines is critical for success as being consistent with your fitness routines.

Chris creates a handy graph for each recipe throughout the book showing each meal has either High, Medium or Low macronutrient content for each meal. This in turn helps you pick a meal plan which Chris has put together for you!

The four meal plans include:

Maintenance Plan – for those that are happy with their current weight and body and are looking maintain it.

Strength Plan – The plan includes a lot more protein based recipes as it aims to promote muscle growth and synthesis.

Muscular Endurance Plan – This plan is best for those looking to maintain their muscle mass and is perfect for those who do lot of weight training.

Power and Explosion Plan – this meal plan is more carb based and best for that do shorter and more explosive workouts

Chris also handily includes daily breakdown for each of these with how many calories you will need to take each day which gives you a good idea of what you need to consume to get maximum performance.

He also includes a 7-day plan which you can attempt yourself! I personally tried out the strength plan which was actually quite straight forward once you get into it!

The Fighter's Kitchen Meal Plan

My Recipe Attempts

Algieri has included over 100 muscle-building recipes from breakfasts, entrees, salads & sides, sandwiches, snacks and even smoothies. There will definitely be few of these recipes you will constantly go back to.

Avocado Toast Scrambled Egg on New York bagel with chili flakes for a bit of spice! Nice way to start the day!

Avocado toast  and Scrambled eggs

Cooking Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki Sauce (Looks sloppy here), Chris’ suggestions however make this a very tasty and filling entree to try out!

Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki Sauce

Chris Algeiri – Cooking Tutorials

As part of his ambassador role with BOXRAW, he offered to show some his famous recipes from The Fighter’s Kitchen. Check them out below:

Knockout Keto Egg Cups

Italian Turkey Meatballs with Zoodles

Avocado Twist Tuna Salad

Final Thoughts

The Fighter’s Kitchen is a superb resource not only for fighters, but anyone looking for good plan with tasty nutritional recipes and tips while training.

The thing I love about this book is that it gives you a plan depending on how you want to train and which recipes you can try for your training regime. With simple instructions and 100 recipes to try out, this cook is one you need to consider.

This book is available in paperback and Kindle.

Learn more about The Fighter’s Kitchen on Amazon here.

Thanks for reading!

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