Boxraw Knuckle Guard Review | Personal Experience

Boxraw Knuckle Guard review

Have you ever had sore hands after or during boxing training? Well, a boxer’s most prized asset is of course their hands due to the rigors of training they have to put them through. 

It’s therefore extremely important that boxers take extra care of their hands so they can continue performing to the best of their abilities. 

Luckily, BOXRAW has come up with their own innovative knuckle guard product which can help you with hand protection. 

In this review, I will look at design features, how exactly they will help, and my own experience using them. 


First up, who has made these knuckle guards? 

BOXRAW is a pioneering boxing apparel lifestyle brand that produces some of the most innovative sportswear, specifically for those who participate in the sport of boxing. They have collaborated with some of the greatest champions from around the world including Usyk, Spence Jr, Wilder, and Gervonta Davis.

The company encourages those to strengthen their fitness, grow confidence and even challenge inspiring boxers to become world champions.

Knuckle Guard Design and Material

First and foremost, the great thing about the design of these Boxraw knuckle guards is they are individual to the left and right hand. They have also have designated channels for you to put your fingers through them. Once on, they cover you’re whole knuckle area, and you can pull back on the lace strap to compress as you wish. 

A thing to keep in mind is you will need to use hand wrap alongside them. Luckily Boxraw does provide a whole range of their own. From here you can loop the hand wrap by simply looping both ends together.(see below) 

(Check out my review video to see this in action below)

In terms of the material used, it is a Japanese exported high-density foam. This is what really protects your knuckles and it does feel very spongy and comfortable. On top of that, it has a soft nylon material patch where the knuckles sit so you don’t have to worry about your hand rubbing on tough material. 

How will the knuckle guards help you?

To get straight to the point, here are the areas I feel are beneficial in using them:

  • Hand protection 
  • Reduces hand injuries 
  • Reduces wear and tear on hands
  • Training comfortability 
  • Reassurance throwing punches with power 

Another aspect is instead of spending extra money on heavily padded gloves, this might better option for you to save money to protect your hands.  

My personal experience 

Overall, these are a great way to provide extra protection for my hands in my boxing training. Which gives me a sense of comfort knowing my hands won’t be as sore or swollen after training.  

I think for some people they might feel a bit awkward at first to put on and use. But once you have completed a full training session. You will understand the benefits of using them and not worry too much about wearing them.

A thing to note is you might have to wear a slightly bigger glove size to get your hand inside the glove. Otherwise, it might be a tight fit for some people. 

As mentioned already above, you will need to use or buy hand wraps to apply these correctly. 

There are other knuckle protectors out there you can consider, but Boxraw has for me created the best if not the best.

Final thoughts 

Overall making sure your hand are protected is of the biggest priorities as a boxer, as you need your hands if you want to succeed in the ring. The Boxraw knuckle guards give you that extra insurance and peace of mind that you have done your part to  give you the best possible protection 

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