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boxraw sauna suit 2.0 review

BOXRAW recently updated one of its most popular apparel products the Hagler Sauna Suit to its 2.0 version. Having already reviewed the original version, I wanted to give my personal experience, details, and opinion on the upgrade to show you if it is any better. In this review, I will also provide details on how a sauna suit can help you in your training.


Founded by Ben Amanna in 2017, BOXRAW was built from the belief that boxing was more than just ‘the sport or practice of fighting with fists.’ It was a lifestyle, ‘the way in which a person lives.’

BOXRAW exists to pioneer the boxing lifestyle, enabling the spirit of boxing to live inside and outside the squared ring. Set on a mission to change the narrative of the sport. The vision – is to be the reason why the world got into boxing.

They produce some of the finest sportswear and innovative equipment where they collaborate with the greatest champions, including Oleksandr Usyk, Errol Spence, and Gervonta Davis – we accompany any boxing journey, whether it’s to strengthen your fitness, grow your confidence, or become a World Champion.

How Does a Sauna Suit help you?

The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 has been proven to help with the following: Raising blood temperature to increase circulation and warm muscles. This can aid weight loss through a prolonged fat-burning zone while increasing muscular hypertrophy.

Hagler Sauna Suit – What’s Changed?

BOXRAW has re-engineered the sauna suit for optimal training performance. Re-engineered with a lighter, more durable fabric to maximize training benefits, assuring optimal heat retention, improved range of motion, and help reduce the risk of injury.

Personally, I feel the Sauna Suit is now a lot more robust and I like the subtle change at the front with their strike logo.


The design is fairly simple but they have adjusted it exactly for what boxers needs:

  • It has adjustable wrist straps
  • Elasticated feature around the ribs, neck, waist, and ankle 
  • Drawstring around the waist to tighten
  • Zipped kangaroo pouch 
  • Zipped side pocket on
  • Traditional logos and reflective logo tape on the outside
  • The BOXRAW strike is on the very front.

The men’s sauna suit also comes in 4 different colors black, red, blue, and green giving you a variety of options to choose from whatever your preference. There is also a women’s version of the suit, however, right now this only appears to come in black.

Check out some of the options below. 


Refined rubberized velcro wrist straps retain heat while providing adjustable support and are complemented with elasticated ribs and woven BOXRAW taping. They also have upgraded reflective zipped pockets.

My Experience using the Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0

I have personally used both Sauna Suits by Boxraw and you can see my thoughts and myself using it in the video below:

Final thoughts

Overall I am very happy with the way BOXRAW has upgraded the materials on this sweat suit. I think although some of the differences seem quite minor in some respects. You have to applaud them for recognizing that their sweatsuit needed enhancements not too long after releasing the original version.

On that note, if you are looking for a sauna suit, that will last you a long time and help you get results. This is undoubtedly one of the top options out there which I recommend you consider. You can shop in the link below or if you are looking for a discount make sure to sign up for the newsletter and you can get up to 10% off Boxraw when you spend £/$70 or more on their website.

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