6 Amazing Boxing Training Tools To Use From Home by FGHTR

Boxing Training Tools To Use From Home

If you are planning on working on your boxing skills and conditioning there are lots of great tools for you to practice in the comfort of your own home.

In the case of this blog I will be highlighting some training tools by FGHTR who have created these to help improve your skill set and physical conditioning. These tools can also be used in the gym so don’t worry if you think you can’t use these in other places.

First off who are FGHTR? Well they are and up and coming fight apparel and training tool brand who really want the best for those in the fight game. Here is what they have to say about themselves in their own words:

A brand made by fighters, for fighters.

We design apparel and training tools for you, the fighters, who live their passion and want to show the world who they truly are! Whatever the martial art you are practicing (muay thai, mma, boxing, kickboxing etc.), we are all part of the same community, the same family, we are FGHTR.

Fight it, never quit

Before you go onto look at their training tools below make sure to check out my special offer at the bottom of this page regarding their awesome training tools and apparel.

1. FGHTR Reflex Fight Ball

FGHTR Fight Ball

The FGHTR Fight Ball is one of the top reflex balls you can get and is perfect for beginners. This is because FGHTR have included a brilliant PDF Guide on “How To Master” using your reflex ball which is great if you don’t know where to start. This ball is much lighter and softer than a regular tennis reflex balls you will see about and won’t be as harsh when punching.

Using a reflex ball will help improve some following:

  • Improved hand eye coordination
  • Ability to practice counter punching timing
  • Head movement and defense techniques
  • Muscle endurance the longer you do it
  • Punch accuracy – you’ll be hitting a small target

Learn more about the FGHTR reflex ball here

2. FGHTR Quickbox Double End Ball

FGHTR Quick Box

The FGHTR double end ball is great skills tool if you plan to workout from home or if you have a bit of space to move around in the living room or garage. This is a brilliant training tool for improving timing, reflexes and hand eye coordination. The smaller target makes it more of challenge than your traditional double end bag, but will make you so much better when it comes to using a bigger bag.

It’s also a lot cheaper which might make it worthwhile to give this a go before committing to a more expensive traditional double end bag.

Learn more about the FGHTR double end ball here

3. FGHTR Resibox Resistance Suit

FGHTR Resibox resistance suit

The resibox resistance suit is becoming a brilliant piece of training kit to help develop your shadow boxing skill set with extra 100bs (25lbs each ) resistance in the attached bands. The aim of this is to help improve punches and kicks which will help you increase your overall speed and power by making your muscles work against an opposing force in the weighted bands.

FGHTR have created this to provide an overall body workout that will take your physical conditioning and skill to the next level. The suit will definitely help you become stronger, faster and reach your fitness goals for boxing, mma or muay thai.

Learn more about the FGHTR Resibox Resistance suit here.

4. FGHTR Training Wall Pad

For many of us that living in smaller spaces, it’s definitely not as practical to have a hanging heavy bag or free standing punch bag in your home. FGHTR have a brilliant product currently which finds a solution for this problem

Practice your punches and knee kicks for Boxing or MMA training with this easy to install wall punch pad and takes little space.

Learn more about the FGHTR Training Wall Pad here

5. FGHTR Training Chute Running Parachute

FGHTR Parachute

You may have seen American footballers use this in their pre season training and there is good reason for doing so! For fighters, the running parachute tool will improve your speed as well as your strength, stamina, while becoming a better athlete overall due to these numerous benefits.

You will obviously need a bit of space to use this, but you can easily use this in a local park, track/athletic stadium or open space which is big enough.

Learn more about the FGHTR running parachute here.

6. FGHTR Speed Rope

FGHTR Speed RopeEvery boxer knows that jumping rope is an essential tool for boxing workouts and this can make a great tool for any beginner looking to start or even an advanced boxer needing a new jump rope.

If you are practicing explosive sports such as boxing, MMA or any sport and you want to get better, then the FGHTR speed jump rope is 100% made for you!

Learn more about the FGHTR Speed Rope here

FGHTR Apparel

FGHTR apparel

Now if you are also looking for some cool training gear I also highly recommend you check out some of FGHTR’s apparel as they have some really cool options available for both men and women.

Check out some most popular options here.

At-home workouts are a great addition to your training sessions at your gym. And having some training tools to supplement those sessions can really help you have better, quicker results! All of those benefits can make a great difference in your boxing game!

Now as promised at the beginning of this article make sure to use the code ‘BOXINGLIFE‘ and you can get 10% OFF when you make any purchase on anything from their site! Hopefully you will find something that will pick your fancy in the above list.

Make sure to let us know in the comments below which tool you would like the look of or if you have had any experience using them.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “6 Amazing Boxing Training Tools To Use From Home by FGHTR

  1. I wish MMA was around when I was younger.  I do love the equipment though. I think in my younger days I would have tried MMA. I tried Karate and Kung Fu when I was a kid up to my teen years. The prices of your training equipment is certainly reasonable. Thanks for creating this great website.

  2. Hi Jamie! This post is exactly what I need now. I have done some boxing and kickboxing trainings in the past, and this is my favorite sport, in terms of cardio. I have the utmost respect for this sport. The training is so hard. In times of lockdown, I miss meeting with my coach. Your article is very helpful, thank you so much. Hold fast!

    1. It sure is hard sport, but also very rewarding if you put in the work. Hopefully some of these training tools can help you out! 



  3. These are pretty amazing boxing training tool from FGHTR. They look really amazing and quite easy to be mastered and they will be fun to train with.

    Although am not into boxing to I do love to keep fit so I do visit the gym always and I know I could do with some of these tool especially the FGHTR Resibox Resistance Suit. I love it build and I look forward to getting it

    1. Hi Evans, these are a great way to change up your training – if you plan on getting the FGHTR Resibox Resistance Suit be prepared for a hard but brilliant workout! 😉



  4. These at-home training tools are the best to improve your punching accuracy, FAST! … Whether you are training in any mixed martial arts or boxing for that matter… Thanks for covering the best at-home training tools you can use…and I must tell you I really enjoyed all you said and the tips that you have given.

  5. Boxing is a fun and challenging combat sport. Even though the fighting style of boxing focuses on striking with just your two hands, mastering it requires more than simply being able to punch hard. An individual’s punching skills must be supported by skills movements and all the other types.thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article.

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