Boxing Workout Clothes – Feel Confident As You Train

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What you wear in the gym isn’t necessarily the most important thing you need to consider, but without a doubt it can make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable while you train.

What training clothes you wear can also express personality and demonstrate your individualism for how you come across.

But REMEBER, you don’t have to train in the most expensive stylish clothing gear, but you do have to dress with common sense while you train. You don’t want to be wearing heavy woolen or cotton t-shirts for example. Check out my article on what you should wear here.

Now the other thing to remember – you can get some really decent training gear for very reasonable prices – make sure to look out for sales as there is always bargain somewhere.

In this post I’ll share some links to some sporting brands I like to use myself and hopefully you will be able to find some decent kit to get yourself ready for the gym.

There is nothing better than the feeling of getting new clothes you feel confident in.

So here is my top boxing workout clothes for you to consider below:

Under Armour

Under Armour delivers innovative sports clothing, shoes, & accessories for the majority of sports. In more recent years they have teamed up with the likes of Anthony Joshua who has helped promote their gear to a boxing audience. However, their clothing performance gear is some of the best out there.

Check out their full selection at or why not see their range on Amazon here.


FGHTR are a brand made by fighters, for fighters. They have designed some awesome apparel and training tools for you specifically fighters, who want to live their passion and show the world who they truly are! 
Whatever the martial art you are practicing (muay thai, mma, boxing, kickboxing etc.), they will have something that will no doubt pick your fancy. 

Check out their full selection at FGHTR store here.

Also make sure to use my discount code “BOXINGLIFE” for 10% off! FGHTR also have some other cool training tools and apparel you can check out.



One of the biggest sport brand ever, Nike has some of the best and biggest options in performance workout gear. Boxing is not a big focus for them (only really boxing boots), but when you have such a big selection workout gear to choose from you will definitely find something that takes your fancy.

Check out their performance clothing selection on JD Sports or see their range on Amazon here.



Very similar to above, Adidas is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with their iconic three stripes. Adidas have also invested into the sport of boxing in particular gear including shoes, pads, gloves, hand wraps etc. Their performance clothing is also definitely up there with the best and with many options to choose from with this brand you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Check out their great performance selection on JD Sports or see some options on Amazon here.


Conor McGregor Reebok

If you are an MMA fan you will know Reebok are the main clothing partner with the UFC and the fighters who take part including the likes of Conor McGregor. They do have some good workout gear which is worth checking out, but they do have more of focus to MMA fighter than boxing.

Check out their full selection at JD sports or why not look for deals on Amazon here


Everlast Buatsi

Everlast is an iconic Boxing brand which many identify with, especially because Muhammed Ali used to wear and use the old school Everlast gear in the 60s and 70s. Nowadays Everlast have a whole collection of boxing related gear, equipment and clothing. If you want to wear boxing specific brand gear – this is one of the brands for you.

Check out their full selection at or why not see their options on Amazon here


New Balance

Probably one of my favorite boxing brands right now and this is without doubt BOXRAW. They are a bit on the pricey side, but all there clothing is specifically aimed towards boxers which can be rare to find out nowadays. They say they are “Pioneering The Boxing Lifestyle” and I have to agree. Check out their full selection in link below.

Check out all their gear here on to apply it.

New Balance gear

New Balance for me is primarily known for running gear and in particular for their running shoes. However, if you are boxer you will know too well how important running is for training. Because of this I’d recommend checking out their selection of running fleeces or shoes to get you started here.

Check out their full selection at JD Sports or why not see their range on Amazon here

Suzi Wong

Suzi Wong

If you are looking for customizable boxing gear look no further than Suzi Wong. There focus is producing custom designed boxing shorts, which I have purchased myself and have used for few fights now. They can be a bit on the pricey side at time, but they do some good deals with performance gear collections where can get a decent deal. e.g. above.

Check out their full selection at or why not read my blog on their custom boxing shorts.

I hope you enjoyed this clothing review, and remember like I said above, what your wear isn’t the most important thing, but it can help make you more comfortable and confident.

Make sure to let me in the comments below which options you would wear in the gym? Would you wear a more traditional sports brand or boxing specific? Let me know what your favorite brand is to wear.

Check out more boxing reviews here to see if anything else picks your fancy this includes gloves, boots and equipment.

Thanks for reading!


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10 thoughts on “Boxing Workout Clothes – Feel Confident As You Train

  1. Thank you for this great article on training clothes for boxing. I have a similar approach to training clothes for weightlifting. It’s important to find comfortable clothes that fit well without restricting your movement. Under Armour style clothing is some of my favorite for lifting and probably would be for boxing training as well because it fits well without restricting movement. Thanks for all your other suggestions and I will try these out for my weight lifting or if I try boxing. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the comment and glad this post may have helped you consder some other clothing brands to try out. Wishing you all the best in your training. 


  2. The only clothing brand that always restores my confidence is Nike, my son who is a boxer also loves to wear clothing. They make exceptionally good clothing materials and works for every sport and everyday wearing too. These other options are all good too, but will continue buying Nike clothing probably like I have always done. Thanks Jamie

    1. Yes Nike is a great brand! You always have so many option to choose from and you can wear their clothing for any sport really. Thanks for the comment J

  3. I love this site!  I love working out in the gym and hitting the bag a lot.  I don’t do a whole lot of boxing, but every now and then I will.  I will say, you spoke about my clothing of choice, and that is Under Armor.   I wear Under Armor everything, from shoes and socks, to shirts and hats.  Adidias is pretty good too, but I don’t wear them as much during my workouts.

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for the kind words! Yeah I agree with you, Under Armour really have a great range to choose from and are right up there for the best training clothing with so many options. 



  4. My hubby is an Under Armour guy when it comes to his workouts. But for me, I am most comfortable in my New Balance running shoes with a comfortable pair of shorts and a cotton tank top. I agree that cotton or clothes that can breath are a must because you will sweat a lot when you are working out. Thanks for the nice selection of training clothes.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      New balance are great, I particuarlly like them for their running shoes, but as I said above they have a good range of running fleeces too. 

      Appreciate the kind words!

  5. Your post addresses an issue common to everyone who goes to a gym to train.  Having adequate clothing to wear while training is essential.  Thanks for providing a comparative review of manufactures of training clothing and apparel that is well-done and helpful to anyone in search of training apparel.  All in all, I found this article helpful and a good starting point for anyone serious about training.  The fact that you relate everything to your own training is a plus for me!

    1. Thanks for you kind words, I always try put my own experiences when doing these post so it can help others make a correct decision. Glad you found this useful!

      Thanks again


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