Boxing Round-Up: Dared But Not Enough

Usyk vs Bellew

Well what can I say, Tony Bellew gave it his all last night, he came up against an Undisputed P4P champion in Usyk who really showed his elite class with an incredible KO finish of Bellew in the 8th round.

Usyk vs Bellew

In the whole lead up there was belief from many that Bellew would shock the world with a win over the extremely talented Ukrainian. As Bellew entered the ring, you could tell he was ready for war screaming towards where Usyk would come from. Usyk had an insane like stare as he looked into camera before walking to the ring, with the huge atmosphere from the Manchester crowd he looked cold and collected as he approached the ring.

The first round was cagey from both understandable, as they both looked to see how they would react to the occasion. Bellew then started to implement his game plan by moving away from Usyk left to right hitting him with counter rights where he hit managed to clip Usyk on many occasions successfully. The Ukrainian on the other hand was probing with the jab, but not committing as he tried to put the Bellew on the back foot, taking his time with occasional straight or left hook from his southpaw stance.

By the end of the fifth round  I felt Bellew was up on the cards and winning the fight, but a shot by Usyk on the bell shook Bellew as he was careless for one second which definitely shook him. After this Usyk really started to step up his work by putting on the pressure with his Jab. The Scouser at this stage was starting to struggle with the pace. In the 8th round, Usyk ended the bout with an impressive jab left hook combination which left Bellew no chance of getting up. An ironic outcome which many had predicted would be Tony’s way to finish the undisputed champion.

It was an extremely impressive effort from Tony Bellew and one he can be very proud and happy with when he looks back in years to come. He’s had a career that many boxers can dream of as he became British, Commonwealth, European and World Champion, you have to give Bellew a lot of credit for what he’s achieved. he’s managed to secure himself and his family finically with the two Haye fights and by daring to be great against one of the best in Usyk. Wishing him a happy retirement for a successful career.

For Usyk, the next step seems obvious but for him to move up to Heavyweight, as he has now completely cleaned up the Cruiserweight division. I think he’ll need a couple of fights first before he takes on the stars of the division, but his incredible talent will no doubt help him become World Champion at some stage soon.

Undisputed Champion Usyk - Usyk vs Bellew


Crolla vs Yordan

Good hardworking victory for Crolla as he won a via unanimous decision over Yordan. He is now the mandatory for Lomachenko and should get another world title shot in 2019.

Burns vs Cardle

The Rickster is back! A convincing 3rd round KO victory over Cardle as he knocked him down with a big straight right. Hopefully one big last fight for Burns a world level in 2019 before he hangs up his gloves.

Allen vs Bracamonte

The first four rounds were an absolute slug fest between these two, but both fell victim to their poor fitness level. After a nasty cut to Bracmonte from a right hook from Allen, they withdrew from the fight after the 7th round. Another win Allen, but he needs to step up his fitness going forward.

Kelly vs Castillo

Josh Kelly was just too much of a level above Castillo as he cruised past in the first round. It was announced that Kelly will go onto fight former world champion David Avanesyan in Sheffield on December 8th.

Riakporhe vs Hyde

Very disappointing performance by Riakporhe against Hyde as looked very tense and nervous throughout and was definitely losing the bout due to busier performance from Hyde. In the 8th, Riakporhe threw a thudding right hand which left the man from Sale with a horrific injury to his left eye, which in turn forced his corner to throw in the towel as the swelling continued.

A really good night of boxing all round! Hats off Tony Bellew again on a great career, it was better to dare than never know.

Till next time!


Photo of the night below:

Belle approaches the ring for the final time - Usyk vs Bellew



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