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Boxing and Nootropics

You may have heard of nootropics before, or like many others, this is your first time hearing about them. According to WebMD, nootropics, also known as smart drugs.

These are natural substances that can be taken to improve brain performance and simultaneously improve cognitive function. Furthermore, the term ‘nootropic’ can also refer to the most basic and accessible supplements which also boost mental performance and stimulation, such as caffeine, Omega-3 fatty acids, and others.

Ultimately, the goal of any nootropic is to enhance mental stimulation. In a sporting context, they are taken to improve performance as a benefit of the mental boost and further activation. Aside from basic nootropics such as caffeine, you can also purchase other brain boosters.

These supposedly have a much greater effect, especially for training and competition. However, with this being said, it is crucial that you purchase these nootropics from a trusted company, such as Onnit’s Alpha Brain, Brainzyme, or Quaila. 

Onnit’s highly-rated Alpha Brain Nootropic supplement (above)

Generally, nootropics receive a bad rep, whether this is rumors of them being unsafe, not legal, or not trusted by athletes. However, with this aside, nootropics supplements like the ones mentioned above are legal in most countries. So long as you purchase from a trusted brand, they are definitely safe to use.

This is very important when purchasing nootropics; otherwise, your experience with these smart drugs could be far from ideal and not what you were expecting. Always purchase from reputable brands, even if these are slightly more expensive.

The remainder of this article will discuss boxing and nootropics in more detail. This will include how these smart drugs boost your performance and how you may also see an improvement in your everyday life.

How can nootropics improve boxers’ performance?

This brain supplement, so to say, can help improve performance in boxing, thanks to the improved mental stimulation.

We’ve covered the topic of mental toughness and boxing psychology in another article. But in case you’re unaware, mental toughness and mentality in boxing are super important. With the wrong mentality or a lack of psychological ability and awareness, you will struggle to get far in and out of the ring.

Nonetheless, the benefits of nootropics for boxers include: 

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased motivation for training and competition 
  • Manage stress and nerves
  • Improved mental and even physical energy 

Some of these essential benefits can be achieved from more basic nootropics such as caffeine, obtained from a strong cup of coffee, energy drink, or edible substance. However, specific nootropic supplements will allow you to experience the benefits in full and to their full potential.

With this being said, we will now explain each of these benefits in more detail below:

Improved focus and concentration 

Lomachenko focusing

Firstly, supplementing nootropics will help improve focus and concentration. This is one of the most impressive benefits and a reason why many athletes (and non-athletes) supplement these smart drugs.

Improved focus allows you to remain on task and in the moment during the training. Hitting that extra set, not allowing your mind to drift, and getting the most out of each and every session. In the build-up to a fight or if you’re just looking to build up your boxing fitness, this is paramount. Oh, and it’ll also allow you to improve much more quicker than normal.

The improved focus and concentration also transcend out of the sport. Perhaps allowing you to remain on task and fully concentrated at work. Whether sending a bunch of emails, a physical task, filling out forms, or managing a project.

It’s safe to say we can all benefit from improved focus and concentration. And with a safe smart drug available for safe use, missing out on these key benefits is not something you’d likely want to experience.

Increased motivation for training and competition 

Second, the use of nootropics may increase motivation for training and competition, especially as it may reduce your risk of burnout. Burnout is common in sports, both physically and mentally. Burnout occurs when you do too much too soon;

Whether you become bored mentally and must overcome a mental obstacle. You break your body down so much, it requires excessive rest to sufficiently recover. 

This increased motivation and brain stimulation will help massively on those days you don’t feel like training. With the increase in motivation, you will be well on your way to becoming a better fighter, able to put more hours into training without the risk of burnout. 

Also, as we’re sure you’re aware, burnout is common in the workplace, perhaps due to increased hours, little rest, and too much work. Nootropics may help alleviate some of this stress, increasing your motivation to work and putting burnout to rest for good. However, it should be noted that is no substitute for rest.

Manage stress and nerves

Third, nootropics may allow you to manage stress and nerves better. According to mindlabpro, nootropics are rich in antioxidants and adaptogens, and, therefore, may help warrant off stress and other free radicals.

As a boxer or an athlete, your ability to reduce stress improves your recovery, allowing you to receive better sleep, relax, and, most importantly, provide your body with the tools it requires to recover from each training session or fight optimally.

Nootropics can be taken before a fight too (or in the build-up), ensuring you remain on track, focused, reducing nerves, and managing stress – a feat. Many boxers and other athletes commonly struggle with this.

Improved mental and even physical energy 

Nootropics and boxing

Finally, you will also benefit from improved mental energy. You know that feeling when you know you’ve got work to do or a training session to attend but you’re not really feeling it, you’re not all there? Perhaps feeling a little sluggish, tired, and unmotivated?

Well, nootropics help eliminate or at least minimize this effect, increasing your motivation to train and providing you with the energy to remain on track, whether that’s performing twelve rounds of sparring with a partner or hitting the gym for one of your weekly strength sessions.

Incorporating nootropics into your diet and regime will boost performance, mainly as this alters the chemical balance in your brain, providing greater mental stimulation (just like caffeine) and increasing your energy levels when you need it most, not only in training but for everyday life, too.

The use of nootropics for everyday life 

Nootropics and boxing

Nootropics are not only super beneficial for boxing and sporting performance, but also for everyday life, as aforementioned. For example, the previously mentioned benefits (e.g. better management of stress, increased motivation, and improved focus) will all transcend into your daily routine.

If you’ve ever seen the film limitless featuring Bradley Cooper you’re probably wondering whether or not to expect similar results. The answer is no. However, you will see drastic changes in your energy levels, focus, concentration, and general mental stimulation. I suppose you could say it’s as close to Limitless as you can get, all without the nasty side effects.

Nootropics will not turn you into a superhero, but they do provide you with the mental energy and stimulation to reach new levels of fitness, focus, and concentration, perhaps components you currently struggle with.

Are there any side effects?

If you’ve read this far, then you’re likely wondering: are there any side effects? Generally, the answer is no, otherwise, it would not be a true nootropic. However, using non-trusted supplements or taking too many nootropics at once may produce adverse side effects, including brain fog (the inability to think as clearly), headaches, and digestive discomfort, to name a few.

With this being said, however, so long as you choose a reputable brand (such as those mentioned in the beginning of this article) and follow supplement and usage guidelines, then you should experience no side effects.

On the off chance that you do experience side effects, you should contact a medical professional such as your doctor to see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients. However, for most people, nootropics do not have any side effects.

To conclude 

Nootropics are slowly becoming more popular in the sports industry. As mentioned previously, nootropics are completely safe, so long as you purchase these from a trusted brand, but you should follow the supplement guidelines to ensure further safety and the best possible results.

Supplementing nootropics as a boxer will help you to remain focused during training, will increase your motivation, reduce stress and nerves, and ultimately, allow you to become a better fighter by improving your mental game.

Hope you enjoyed reading this diet and nutrition guide on nootropics. Make sure to read my personal experiences using Alpha Brain and Brainzyme for more information on this topic.

Alpha BRAIN: Clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed.

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