BoxBandz Review | Shadow Boxing Resistance Bands

BoxBandz Review

In this review I will give you my take on BoxBandz Full Body Resistance Trainer and how it can actually help you in your shadow boxing workouts.

I have included product background, video examples of it in action along with the pros and cons. Plus I have an exclusive discount code!

Who Are BoxBandz?

BoxBandz Logo

BoxBandz are US based company who have arguably created one of the top shadow boxing pieces of equipment, the BoxBandz™ – Full Body Resistance Trainer.

Their focus was to create a workout for those in boxing and mma looking for overall more resistance in their workout instead of the traditional ways of doing so.

For me they have created a product which really aims to help give you a intense workout to improve your training regime or even just change it up.

The company are really starting to kick off now and you can definitely see why this is the case when you look at there positive feedback and reviews on their website and throughout social media.

How will the BoxBandz trainer help you?

The resistance from the BoxBandz™ Trainer helps to strengthen your muscles by the tension generated by the bands. Once your body is used to the resistance those movements become easier to perform and more explosive.

Resistance training also allows you to perform more reps safely and effectively whilst helping to develop  your stamina and technique. 

Use can also use it to enhance your combat abilities, sports-specific or weight training movement. And this will only help you in burning through more calories. BoxBandz™ is also a fantastic cardio workout and you will be feeling the burn after using this!

The other great thing about BoxBandz™ is that it can help reduce and protect against injuries. Because the resistance straps that are attached help put less pressure on your joints, meaning your muscles will have more stability/support due to it helping to engage your muscles more.

boxbandz review | shadow boxing resistance bands

BoxBandz Design

The design of this resistance trainer is lightweight and compact to help with normal movements. The very key to the design is allow you to make these movements with ease, but with the further resistance to them.

The resistance trainer is also comfortable to wear which helps due to the adjustable fit. The BoxBandz™ belt features extra padding to protect your waist/back against irritation while training. The belt, wrist and ankle straps are also all easily adjustable, providing you the proper fit to train safely and effectively. The belt itself goes up to 40″ waist size.

The resistance bands are made with soft high-quality latex, strong rubber and custom-engineered nylon, helping to make the product last for a long time!

Who are BoxBandz best for?

I primarily recommend this to someone who practises boxing or mma at any level. You can definitely get use out of resistance suit for your training, even if you are just starting out!

It is also suitable for all fitness levels and is simple and easy to use and once you strap in you will feel the difference in your workout.

However, I would advise you learn that fundamentals of shadow boxing first before you start to use these. Check out my article on shadow boxing here to find out more.

What BoxBandz options is there?

The BoxBandz™ Resistance Suit comes in two options:

Beginner: each band adds 20 lbs of resistance (100 lbs total)
: each band adds 40 lbs of resistance (160 lbs total)

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey I recommend you start off with the beginner set. For more higher level boxers or fitness junkies I recommend you purchase the advanced set for maximum resistance when using.

What do you get?

When you receive your BoxBandz kit package you will you get all of the following:

  • High-Quality Resistance Bands x 4
  • Adjustable Ankle Straps x 2
  • Adjustable Wrist Straps x 2
  • Foam Handles x 2
  • An Adjustable Waistbelt
  • A Carrier Bag

You also have choice of three colors for the resistance bands – blue, red and black.

All the above is for both the beginner and the advanced kits. See for yourself below:

BoxBandz Kit

BoxBandz in action!

The BoxBandz resistance suit has been used by so many any sport of boxing and mma, with many professional fighters even putting it into their regime! Check out my personal review on our YouTube below:

Pro and Cons of BoxBandz

Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeOnly comes in a few color options
Help improve you overall speed, strength and enduranceMight be out of some people’s budget
Can be used by both beginners and advanced boxersLimited to some movements, compared to traditional shadow boxing
High quality materials to help last
Adjustable, depending on your size/weight
Gives you something new and different to try in your training regime
Free shipping

Final thoughts

If you are someone who is looking to try something different and create a harder workout for your shadow boxing, the BoxBandz™ – Full Body Resistance Trainer is a brilliant option to consider!

This product will definitely give you something new to try and get you motivated for your next session.

If you are a fighter that is looking to improve you speed, power and endurance you have to consider adding this to your workout regime!

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Alternative Option

Innstar Resistance Bands 

innstar resistance bands

If you are looking for a more traditional way of using using resistance bands in your workout routine – I highly recommend you check out Innstar resistance bands.

They have made the bands so that it allows you to perform every muscle exercise you want. The bands resistant tubes are attached and allows you to comfortably carry out any type of exercise making it a unique product for any athlete or fitness fanatic.

You can workout your chest, legs, arms, back and other muscle groups.

Check price on Fitstar’s website or why not check out my full review on how they can give you a great workout from home or the gym!

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this review and if you considering trying out the BoxBandz for yourself. You can also read my shadow boxing with resistance bands article here to find out what are the best bands for you.

As always, thanks for reading!

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