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Box From Home With The Quiet Punch Bag [Review]

For some people that live in smaller apartments a freestanding punch bag or heavy bag are really not practical options to go with. However, Quiet Punch have come up with a punch pad to use from the comfort of your own home easily and give you space to have a great workout.

The Quiet Punch bag sets up quickly in a doorway, technology works out of the box, and is also perfect for those that travel.

In this review, I’ll be looking at what exactly you will get with Quiet Punch and if it is worth it!

What is the Quiet Punch Bag?

Quiet Punch was created by Brian Pedone, a man who has a deep passion for fitness and the sport of boxing. Brian wanted to create a useful and fun product which would let those train from home. Especially for those that did not have the motivation to get down to the gym and still get a great workout. Let’s find out below!

Quiet Punch Bag

Quiet Punch Pad

The Quiet Punch comes in the form of a punch bag pad which you of course will be punching the hell out of, along with two lightweight bars which you will use install it on the doorframe

It’s the first of its kind that sets up quickly and easily in a doorway. This can be set up in your house, office, apartment, hotel or wherever to quickly relieve stress.

Quiet Punch was built for all audiences in mind. It requires no tools, easy on the joints, and weighs less than 4lbs. It can quickly be taken down when needed. Check out the set up video further down in the page.

Quiet Punch Play Sensor

Quiet Punch Play

To help take your fitness game to the next level, you can add play sensor with this, which helps keep track of your punches. Just like you counting your steps, it will count your punches, measure your progress, and see where you stand against others across the world.

You simply attach the sensor to the back of your Quiet Punch (all tools included), download free app and begin keeping track of your punching progress.

Quiet Punch Play App

Quiet Punch Play App

The sensor of course is linked to Quiet Punch Play App which allows to you monitor the amount of punches in live time and also gives your punch power stats! It’s pretty cool stuff!

You can even try out the app for FREE on the Google Play or Apple App Store and put it to good use. There is a bunch of videos which include special programming geared to all Quiet Punch members. These videos are excellent for weight loss and fitness goals!

Quiet Punch in Action!

Check out the Quiet Punch in action below:


With over 12,000 sold worldwide to date, Quiet Punch is quickly becoming one of the most popular home punch bag options to go with today. Here are some testimonials of those that have used it.

I love my Quiet Punch & so do my siblings! it is so easy to set up and so convenient. I can get a great workout in/work on technique in the comfort of my own home. I like to find new ways to incorporate into my routine ( sit ups and end it with a 1,2 punch 🙂 ) Now with the new app there is even more support!” – Cheryl De La Cruz

“I have been the lucky one to have Quiet Punch for almost 3 years now. I went from the original version to the current version that is out. Without a doubt this is the easiest way to get a great, easy and fast cardio workout. I use 3 of the training videos and feel like I am working out with a trainer with me! I highly recommend it for all and am happy I was given this opportunity to tell all! Thank you Quiet Punch.” – Teresa Pedone

“Love the Quiet Punch! Easy to set up and makes getting your daily workout in incredibly convenient. Would strongly recommend!” – Eddie Avellaneda

Setting Up

As mentioned further above, setting up the couldn’t be easier as well! Check out the Quiet Punch CEO Brian showing you how simple the process is!

Pros and Cons of Quiet Punch


  • A unique product with no other like it on the market
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • Suitable for all ages! (Could make a great Gift!)
  • Useful sensor app to keep you motivated
  • Lots of online workout video to follow
  • Easy to pack away once finished training


  • Can only really be used on a door frame
  • Limited in how much training types you can do
  • Some might find it too expensive

Final Thoughts & Special Discount

The Quiet Punch is the first of its kind to offer an awesome boxing workout anytime and anywhere. With it you will find very helpful tutorial videos of how to use Quiet Punch and to learn some boxing technique and routines.

This is best for people who don’t have luxury of space for a hanging or standing bag and are just wanting to try something different!

If you do plan on purchasing the Quiet Punch make sure to use my limited time 10% DISCOUNT CODE:  JAMIT10

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There are some cheaper alternatives which you all consider, but will need to find a wall to hang or drill these punch pad in the wall which might not suit or be possible for everyone!

FGHTR Punch Pad – Find out more on FGHTR’s website here

FGHTR Punch Pad

RDX Sports Wall Pad – Find out more on Amazon here

I hope you have enjoyed this review, make sure to let us know in the comments below if think you go for this or tell us your own experience of using Quiet Punch?

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