Best Strength And Conditioning Program For Boxers

Strength and conditioning is a real taboo subject around boxing especially for the old school coaches and fighters who do not agree with new scientific methods of strength and conditioning coaches becoming more apparent and relevant in boxing and combat sports. However, for a boxer or even a coach wishing to learn about strength and conditioning you need to look no further than Phil Daru’s Heavy Hitter Boxing program.

The program which Phil has put together is truly unique and will take your strength and conditioning to the next level as your prepare for a fight. Even if you are a coach this is very worthwhile program to have look at so you can train your fighters with these brilliant exercises to improve their overall performance.

Traditional boxing training has changed and you don’t want to be left behind as your opponents get stronger and faster.

Let’s get right into it…

Who is Phil Daru?

Phil Daru
Coach Phil Daru

First off I think it is important that we identify who Phil Daru is and who created the program. Phil is primarily an MMA trainer by trade, but has trained multiple boxing & MMA champions including, Dustin Poirier, Sullivan Barrera, Maureen Shea. He has also been voted as MMA Trainer of the year and is Head of Strength and Conditioning at American Top Team.

Coach Phil Daru has produced and optimized many performance programs for combat sports athletes and coaches including the Heavy Hitter Boxing Program, MMA Fight Ready Program or MMA Body Armour.

You can also check out Phil’s Instagram for more training hints and advice.

Here is and awesome clip of Phil in action in the program to give you idea of what Phil will offer you.

Is Strength and Conditioning Good For Boxing?

Most of the boxers and combat sports athletes, usually don’t know the first thing about strength and conditioning and maybe that is why you are reading about this.

Many boxers (myself included) have been over-trained or don’t understand the science behind high level training, ultimately causing you improperly train on a daily basis…

This of course leads to many problems, not only in the performance, but is also begins to have health problems due to the inability to recover and were dealing with chronic injuries that weren’t able to heal.

Over-training therefore creates a malfunction of the nervous system, meaning you can’t recover or perform at your body’s full ability.

As you can imagine, your reaction speed and timing have to be on point. There isn’t any room for hesitation. When you have punches flying at you, you need to have your system firing optimally, especially if you want to be able to counter your opponent’s punches with powerful shots.

Phil has trained many world-class boxers including Maureen Shea (below). She’s the former WBA, WBO, IBF world champion with over 25 pro fights and has been top 10 in the world for a decade… Here is what she had to say about using Phil’s world-class boxing program:

Maureen Shea working with Phil Daru

“Phil Daru has been a huge asset to my training and recovery. The injury prevention and understanding of how to execute my punches with more power and speed.

The education and little details Phil goes through has given me (the ability) to apply the movement and exercises properly, not just physically but mentally as well. It has been huge in my ability to succeed and to win”

– Maureen Shea, former world champion

You see, most people think that in order to progress their bodies they need to go hard lifting heavy weights and sprinting up hills as hard as they can… What you actually NEED is a plan devised specifically for boxers by somebody that trains championship fighter which you get when you enter the program with Phil.

We’re talking methods that most professional fighters and coaches don’t even know to utilize because they’re THAT NEW,

Below I’ll break down what you can expect to find out in Phil Daru’s “8-Week Boxing Conditioning Program”

What will you get in the program?

Phil Daru - core exercise

1. A professionally designed program used by top boxers

2. Boxing Specific Exercises

3. Compound Exercises

4. Covers all your condition requirements

5. Core stability and correctiveness exercises

Head over to to get more details regarding what will be involved each stage of the 8-week program.

THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE and I’m being absolutely serious when I say this.

If you’re still attached to the old school ways of training.

If you think YOU know better than one of best Boxing and MMA’s TOP Strength and Conditioning Coaches,

Or if you’re a lazy, wanna-be athlete who likes to buy programs with no intention of actually doing them, please don’t waste your time.

HOWEVER, If you’re ready to get Full-Access to A World-Class Boxing Program and Take Your Power and Endurance To Levels You’ve Never Experienced Before and you have an undying desire to get better and even BE the BEST.

Invest In Phil’s Boxing Specific Strength And Conditioning Program And Become The BEST Version of YOU!

This is also the best time to get access to Phil’s program as he currently offers 20% OFF for a limited time.

Head over to to learn more about the program today.

Heavy Hitter Boxing Program review

If the this program doesn’t pick your fancy why not check out some other fitness program reviews here.

Or look out more boxing training advice by visiting the link here.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Best Strength And Conditioning Program For Boxers

  1. This is a great post, I have to say I’m not a fan of boxing, but clearly you are and your descriptive and definition about who Phil is and how his training will help Boxers, leaves as far as I can see, nothing unturned

    You have nicely covered the Pro;s and the Cons, in a well written article.

  2. Thank you for this great and informative post!

    I’m not a boxer myself but, believe it or not, one of my friends has taken it up as an exercise program and she’s kicking butt too!

    I’m actually not sure what her end-goal is but I think she’ll like this post.  I don’t know where her coach sits on the whole taboo subject but I’m going to share it with her anyway and let her make the decision.

    Phil’s resume is impressive.  If Tiffany likes this program, I may get it for her as a gift.

    Thanks again,


  3. I’ve been looking for a program like this to get in better shape. I got a plateau and have been unable to get past it, but I think you are right this could help tremendously. Sometimes that can’t teach an old dog new tricks is right, I need to try something different to move forward! Thank you for the review I’m going to sign up now! 

  4. I love this kind of training programs. They really work your entire body in every way. I have never tried this particular strength and conditioning program by Phil Daru, but it does look like a program I would be interested in trying. I have previously tried programs like Tapout xt, p90x and rush fit. I can only imagine this program being somewhat similar and will more than likely give you great results. Thanks for drawing attention to this workout, it is definitely something I will try.

    1. Hi Alexandra, if you want to incorporate boxing and fighting mechanics into your strength and conditioning this one of the best programs for it! Hope you enjoy if you decide to go for it! 🙂



  5. Hey
    Why do you think there is such a divide between those who prefer the old school methods of training and those who choose to incorporate more scientific methods?
    I follow several people in the industry, and it seems like no two experts agree, some are teaching that overtraining is beneficial, it gets confusing.

    1. Hi T.K. Your right, it really does get confusing! I think if you feel like it helps make a difference and that it is right for you, people should go for it. I also think your boxing training should take priority, but in this day of age of sport performance if you are not doing some sort of strength and conditioning along with your training you will get left behind. 


  6. Hi Jamie

    Although I am not a boxer, I am into fitness in a big way.I can see the importance of getting the right exercises, so that you are not only stronger and more agile, but have increased level of endurance. Any training programs that gives you the edge over your opponent, must be seriously consider. I feel that the programme devised by Phil looks very well thought out and covers every aspect that boxers are looking for. You may not be able to teach old dog new tricks, but the younger generation may still prosper.

    Do you think that Phil’s techniques can be adapted to non-combat sports?



    1. Hi Antonio, 

      Yes I do believe this to be the case, but a lot of his training method are around helping those in combat sport become stronger and faster through his programs. That’s not to say it would help if you do not practice combat sports. Hope this helps!



  7. I wonder why I come across so many people suggesting Phil Daru’s Heavy Hitter Boxing program. I haven’t tried it our as yet but will make sure I do in 2020 as I’m currently so caught up with work I’m sure since the site has such great names behind it like Maureen Shea it will really be worth it. Evidently from this eye opening article the programme has so much to offer and I hope I’ll find it helpful in terms of my timing and speed.

  8. Hi Jamie,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading!

    My son wants to learn boxing, in fact, he joined a club two weeks ago, and he loves it very much. Good sign:) I am really impressed with the heavy hitter boxing program. I was wondering if beginners can start this program? Or is it better to know the basic first? My son is 17 years old, wouldn’t it be heavy for him?

    Sorry for all these questions, but it’s better to be saved than sorry.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Thanks for the comment! If I’m being honest I would recommend your son focusses on the boxing basics first. This program is mainly for intermediate or advanced boxers looking to improve their strength and conditioning. I’d recommend you check out Expert Boxing’s great program for beginners here.

      Thanks again and hope this helps.


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