Top 7 Best Punch Trackers For Boxing Training


Boxing Punch Trackers are starting to become a go to gadget for boxers looking to measure their punch output so they can continue to improve in their training and in the ring.

Most punch trackers all primarily have a similar design and are all associated with an app for you track your progress on your phone or mobile device. While they aren’t a guaranteed way to improve your boxing skills, they do help you keep an eye on your overall performance and helps you push to improve e.g. punch volume and intensity.

How do punch trackers work?

Punch trackers are a bit of technology that you usually wear within your hand wrap while boxing training. They have been designed to track how many punches you throw, the velocity and intensity. Some punch trackers are also able track what type of punches you throw. This can be useful for boxer themselves and coaches to see punch tendencies or and work rate level in terms or punches thrown.

Top 7 Punch Trackers

Check out 7 of the best punch trackers you can get your hands on today to help with your boxing training below:

1. Corner Boxing Trackers

The Corner boxing trackers are a UK based company who have created a really awesome product and I really rate these as one of the best on the list of punch trackers.

The app syncs up really well with the trackers and is incredibly accurate and provides you with a workout time, punch out put, speed, power and your favorite combinations. You can also select options for manual or interval training making a great tool for planning and setting your workouts.

Corner Boxing Tracker Kit
Corner Boxing App

Corner provides you with two wristbands where you can slip in your punch trackers in, all you need to do is make sure you have hand wraps to hold them in place. They also come with a USB charger making them easy charge in most places on the go!


  • Comes with two trackers and wrist band holders
  • Very engaging and useful app


  • Syncing can come in out at times

2. Quiet Punch Bag

The Quiet Punch comes in the form of a punch bag pad which comes along with two lightweight bars which you will use to install it on the doorframe.

It’s the first of its kind that sets up quickly and easily in a doorway. This can be set up in your house, office, apartment, hotel or wherever to quickly relieve stress.

This punch bag comes with punch tracking system which comes in the form of you sensor with this, which helps keep track of your punches. You simply attach the sensor to the back of your Quiet Punch (all tools included), download free app and begin keeping track of your punching progress.

Quiet Punch Play App

The sensor allows you monitor the amount of punches in live time and also gives your punch power stats! It’s pretty cool stuff!


  • A unique product with no other like it on the market
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • Suitable for all ages! (Could make a great Gift!)
  • Useful sensor app to keep you motivated
  • Lots of online workout video to follow
  • Easy to pack away once finished training


  • Can only really be used on a door frame
  • Limited in how much training types you can do
  • Some might find it too expensive

Make sure to check out my exclusive discount code in my review on Quiet Punch below!

3. PIQ + Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker

Piq and Everalast have teamed up to produce one of the most popular punch trackers which will help to really measure your punch count whether you are using a heavy bag, shadow boxing or on the mitts with your trainer.

Like with all the punch trackers you are bout to read about, this will give you access to their unique app that will show you all the stats of your workout. It’s also great for showing how many calories you have burned from your workout – amazing for you cardio lovers!

Piq + Everlast Punch App
Everlast and PIQ

The PIQ & Everlast Tracker comes with an adjustable handwrap strap which can be applied on either wrist under or over your boxing glove, along with a PIQ ROBOT which is adaptable to any USB charger.

Now the big downside to this is that you only get one tracker! It will basically mean you will have to buy two of these if you want to measure punches from both sides. Something to keep in mind.


  • Water proof
  • Engaging app
  • Robust handwrap for the sensor
  • Measure calories burns from workouts


  • You only get one tracker
  • Handwrap might be too bulky for some people

4. BXtrackers

The BXtrackers have been specifically designed for boxing which make it ideal for any boxing beginner or expert looking to track their progress.

These trackers give you access to their app which helps you to view your punch output in real time and measure your daily, weekly, and monthly progression. The app works for both iOS and Android phones.

The downside to the Bxtrackers is that level of detail in the app is not aa much as the other trackers but at least you get two trackers to measure punch stats from each arm.

bxtracker app

You will need handwrap to use these for your workout, but all you need to do is apply on the top of your wrists, underneath with two or more handwraps. Then, you’re good start training!


  • Two unique trackers (One for your left an right)
  • Slightly cheaper than the other trackers out there
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • App detail is not as high as the other options

5. UFC Force Tracker – Combat Strike Heavy Bag Attachment

The UFC have come up with a unique punch tracker in their own right that can be used for both boxing, kicking and striking training.

This X-Force smart tracker is to be applied on the bottom of the heavy bag or the top of a freestanding bag. From here it tracks and syncs up with your smart phone app which gives you all the details of your workout.

The tracker measures punches and kicks, but the xforce system also takes your speed and endurance into account making the results more accurate making it easier for you to track your progress. They also have a cool global ranking system where you can challenge your friends or compete with others around the world who use the Force Tracker.

UFC Force Tracker

This is great tracker if you also practice MMA / Kick Boxing as it will measure kicks and knee strikes when you hit the bag. The only downside is that it isn’t as accurate as some other trackers on identifying specific punches.


  • Measures your punch and kicking power
  • Great for those that practice MMA / Kick Boxing
  • Fun idea to compete with others on the app.
  • One of the cheaper punch trackers you can get


  • You need a punch bags to use this
  • The app could provide more detail with your stats

6. Hysko Punch Trackers

Hysko Punch Trackers

Hykso have created are arguably the best in the market and are specifically aimed at those in boxing or mma. These trackers have a processor with an artificial intelligence system on chip that calculates each punch thrown in under 100ms!

With the likes of the Canadian Amatuer Boxing team using these, it just shows you how highly rated these punch trackers actually are and if you are really serious about improving the intensity of you workouts, Hysko is great option.

Hysko Punch Tracker

Some features of these punch trackers include detailed punch output (including what type of punches), punch velocity and punch intensity. You will get access to all these details in the Hysko app which helps to show these measurements precisely before, during or after your boxing workout. You can read my full review here if you want more details.


  • Hysko punch trackers are arguably considered the best in market
  • Available on majority iOS and Android devices
  • An engaging app that helps you push yourself in each training session to perform
  • A seamless linked Tracker and App system


  • Due to its quality it can be pricey, but it is probably the best out there.
  • You’ll need to buy hand wrap if you want to hold the sensors in place (no wrist wraps)
  • Doesn’t measure punch power

7. Nexersys Cross Body Trainer

The Nexersys Cross Body Trainer is a Double end bag which is a brilliant training tool for improving punch timing, reflexes and hand eye coordination.

Nexersys have included a wireless sensor within the double end bag that syncs specifically to their cross body app (available on Android and Apple). This helps measure and track key areas such as your punch accuracy, speed, out put and combinations. By linking up with their specifically designed app it really helps you to identify what areas you can improve on.

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer
Nexersys Cross Body Trainer App

This is also a great piece of equipment for any boxer looking to really improve their skill set as the app comes 10,000+ adaptive workouts that will continually keep you motivated meaning you will never get bored!


  • A great tool to improve you boxing skills while measuring you punch stats
  • Lots of workout options choose and keep things fresh
  • Teaches you proper boxing technique


  • Could be on the high end of some peoples budget
  • This is more about the piece equipment rather than tracking punches

Let us know in the comments below your experience of using any of the above punch trackers or if you would consider using them for your boxing training

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Thanks for reading!


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