14 Best Gym Bags For Boxing, MMA And Life

Best Gym Bags For Boxing and mma

Probably one of the most forgotten pieces of gear for those in combat sports is having a solid and practical gym bag. 

With those that practice boxing or mma, you only know the nuisance of being able to pack all your gear with you. Trying to squeeze in Boxing gloves, head guards, gym clothes along with everything else. 

Ideally you want a gym bag that is spacious, durable and with lots of compartments so you fit more of your gear in. Especially if you are someone who is always out and about or is hitting the gym often. 

In this article I’ve provided a list of 14 practical, spacious and stylish gym bags for those that train in boxing or mma.

These should hopefully solve all your problems going forward in terms of packing and having space to reduce the stress of packing.  

1. Rukpak 

Now Rukpak is the most expensive on the list, but without a doubt the best overall bag for the gym and personal use. 

This modern backpack is constructed with the highest attention to detail and quality. There’s ample room for all your daily essentials, including a section for your laptop and tablet. 

The RuK Pack has over 15 features designed specifically for on-the-go professionals. From the office, to the gym, to the airport, RuK has your back; literally. They’ve combine 3 essential bags into one convenient design, complete with solar powered USB ports to power your USB compatible devices.

Use this bag to keep your gym gear out of the way at the office, and store your meals in the insulated meal compartment to keep them warm or cold while on the go. 

There’s even a dedicated laundry pocket to keep everything clean and organized. If you have the budget this definitely has to be an option!

2. Everlast Hybrid Duffle 

Everlast has created an ideal bag for gym, multisport or travel. 

This is a spacious sports bag with features an adjustable shoulder/crossbody strap, removable backpack straps and reinforced grip handles for 3 comfortable carry options. 

Each compartment contains a built-in mesh lining allowing air to circulate throughout the bag for breathability and odor prevention.

Store shoes, wet clothing and other belongings in the two end compartments. Side glove storage pockets can be unzipped & clipped back to convert pockets into full mesh side panels providing 360-degree bag ventilation. 

3. Everlast Contender Sports Backpack

Everlast’s other best suited bag for boxers is the durable and spacious canvas backpack. This was designed to carry all of your training and everyday necessities. 

Half zip main compartment expands to hold large equipment and includes a padded laptop sleeve and separate pocket for water bottle storage. 

Vinyl lined front compartment holds additional items and includes multiple external pockets made specifically to hold gloves or shoes. A

n open mesh section holds sweaty post workout gear and two small side zip pockets offer storage to organize smaller belongings (i.e. phone, keys, earphones, etc.). 

4. Elite Sports Athletic Convertible Boxing Gym Bag 

This has to be one of my favourite and most affordable on the list which is a lightweight and high capacity backpack. 

The Large compartment can hold all your training gear including gloves and clothes this is because it has a useful expandable mesh compartment that provides extra storage and allows wet post-training clothes to dry fast.

It also has stowable backpack straps, quick release hardware, and duffel strap allow the bag to be converted from a backpack to a duffel bag with ease.

5. Elite Sports Warrior Series Large Duffel Gym Bag & Backpack

Another useful bag by Elite Sports who have created a bag large enough to carry MMA gloves, boxing gloves, a jiu-jitsu gi, shin guards, multiple rash guards, multiple mouth guards, head guard, and much more.

It has dedicated shoe pocket, water bottle pocket, along with pockets with other small items. Great bag if you have a of items to carry with you. See below

6. RDX Sports Gear Bag 

RDX Kit Bag is now available with the latest upgradation to be used as a general backpack and a gym kit bag, both. 

The elite-quality RDX Superior Kit Bag is manufactured of the durable material and is medium sized bag to fit the majority of your gear

7. Venum Challenger Pro Evo Backpack 

The Venum Challenger Pro Evo Backpack is made up of 3 compartments to ensure ergonomic storage of your belongings. This bag is suitable for accompanying you to the gym as well as small trips.

For combat sports practitioners, it has sufficient storage capacity to carry your gloves as well as your accessories. Its external side pockets provide additional storage for smaller items such as a tape, or a mouth guard.

On the back side, padding provides additional comfort. The shoulder straps incorporate the same comfortable padding.This product will accompany you for many years.

8. Venum Training Camp 3.0 Sports Bag

The Venum Training Camp 3.0 Hybrid 2-in-1 sports bag is ultra-spacious and very ergonomic. This is a Tarpolin bag, an extremely solid material with a matte finish, can be worn on the back or shoulder thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap.

This large multi-functional sports bag has 3 main pockets as well as a side pocket, each of which has its own specificities. The main pocket is the largest. It contains an interior zipped mesh pocket placed at the flap to organize its storage.

The bottom pocket is ventilated thanks to metal eyelets; it will be particularly useful for storing shoes or dirty laundry.

9. Venum (Turtle) Training Camp 3.0 Backpack 

The Venum Training Camp 3.0 “Turtle” backpack is a much more compact and ultra ergonomic.

This Tarpolin bag, an extremely strong material with a matte finish, is as comfortable as it is durable: the 3D mesh reinforcements and the foam straps will protect your back and your shoulders regardless of the weight of the bag.

This backpack has 3 main pockets, each one with its own unique use case.

⁃ The rear pocket has two compartments; located along the back, it can hold a 17 inch laptop.

⁃ The front pocket is large and comes with an interior gusset to organize its storage.

⁃ The bottom pocket is ventilated thanks to metal eyelets; it will be particularly useful for storing your shoes or dirty laundry after training.

Ultra strong, compact and full of resources, this ingenious and colorful bag is as original as it is practical. Multi-functional, it is ideal for everyday use and perfect for activities that do not require large equipment.


10. Venum Large Training Camp 3.0 Backpack

This is the larger format Venum Training Camp 3.0 backpack. Another Tarpolin bag by Venum which is has extremely solid material with a matte finish, is as comfortable as it is durable: EVA foam reinforcements covered with neoprene as well as foam straps will protect the back and shoulders whatever the contents of the bag.

This large backpack has 4 main pockets with two side pockets, each with its own specificities. The speciality with this bag is the insulated side pockets are ideal for storing bottles and shakers.

A brilliant bag by Venum that will be able to carry all your gear.

11. Venum Challenge Xtrem Evo Backpack 

The Venum Challenger Xtreme Evo backpack is designed to carry everything. With a padded back panel for more comfort and a versatile strap system, it will be perfect for your travels.

Composed of a main compartment for larger items (such as your helmets, gloves, shin guards or shoes…), it also has numerous smaller pockets on the side, centre and upper parts for your accessories and a separate storage for dirty laundry.

It has been designed to allow you to carry all your equipment in a single bag. The finish of this bag like all other Venum models is particularly polished. This product will accompany you for many years. 

12. Under Armour Duffle Gym 4.0

If you are looking for a gym bag simple just carry as much gear as possible. This Under Armour duffle bag could just be the perfect pick for you.

Under Armour have used their ‘Storm technology’ which delivers an element battling, highly water resistant finish. This tough bag is simple enough and also has extra side panels.

13. Focus Gear’s Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0

Focus Gear have created a very handy and durable gym bag with their 2.0 version. By going through previous customer feedback for the 1.0 bag to help made plenty of upgrades to provide more space to carry more.

They have done this through optimising the compartments with a total of 10. This includes unique water bottle, protein shaker and oversized phone compartments. Plus it has 2 wet pockets with hidden water resistant pocket for wet items for gloves/shoes/sweaty clothes.

14. Adidas Defender 3 Duffel Bag

Similar to the above Under Armor Bag, the Adidas Defender 3 duffle bags, is best for those that just want a simple large bag that will fit the majority of their gear in one pouch.

This Bag by Adidas is extra roomy with the main compartment, while also having 2 zippered end pockets with space and a new zippered outside pocket to stash smaller things.

They have a padded shoulder strap to help this more comfortable when carrying with you.

Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments below what bag you think you will go for or if you have any questions on the above.

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Thanks for reading!

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