12 Best Free Standing Punch Bags UK

Best Free Standing Punch Bags UK

If you are from the UK, as I am myself, and are looking to do boxing or kickboxing workouts from home. A free-standing punch bag might just be your best option to get a solid boxing training session. 

If you are an international visitor check out my global version of the free-standing bag list here

To start right off, here are my suggested best 3 options for you to choose from

Best Overall Boxing Life’s ChoiceBest Value 
Bag Century Original WavemasterGallant Max Strike 360Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag
HeightAdjustable from 4ft – 5.6ftApprox 6ft Approx 6ft

Now before I show you the full list of freestanding bag options it’s important to identify the pros and cons for you. 

Potentially you might prefer another piece of equipment such as a hanging heavy bag or reflex bag instead. 

It is just worth identifying these pros and cons first so you can make the best purchasing decision.

Pros of Free Standing Punch Bags

Free-standing punch bags are very useful and adaptable for your home gym as you can move them out of the way once you have finished your workout.

The setup is also ideal to require and doesn’t require any drilling of walls like hanging punch bags. All you have to do usually is fill up the base of the bag with water and sand, then you’re good to go! 

These bags are generally not as firm as some hanging bags which makes it a lot softer for your knuckles or legs when you are punching or kicking during your workout.

Cons of free-standing Punch bags. 

Now it’s important to identify some cons of free-standing punch bags before you make a decision on one of the options below. 

Stability can be an issue for some of the bags, especially depending on the base of the free standing punch bag. Some of the smaller based ones can easily topple if you have a very powerful punch. 

Another area is training limitations. It’s a lot harder to practice punching from close range due to the heavy base, your lead foot can also sometimes clash with this. This type of bag is also very much a stationary target with no movement taking place which can be bad for your boxing foot movement.

Best Free Standing Bags in the UK 

So now that I have gone over the benefits of getting a free standing punch bag here are the BEST options you can get for your home gym! Make sure to see more detail on each bag below the table. 

Punch BagBag cover and MaterialBase fillerSize
RDX Free Standing Punch Bag  
Made with multi-layers of the finest and most resilient Maya Hide leather with high density foam paddingFloor sucking base and can be filled with Water or sandApprox 6ft
Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag
Stainless steel tube stand is encased in multi-layer construction: 2mm thickened PU leather striking surface, high-density EPE foam, eco-friendly fabric bufferFloor sucking base and can be filled with water or sandApprox 6ft 
Gallant 5.5 Free Standing Punch Bag
PU Grain Leather, 5cm Thick EPE Foam Sheet and Shock Absorption Micro-Fiber highly padded fillingFilled with water or sand5.5ft 
Gallant Max Strike 360 Punch Bag
PU Grain Leather, 5cm Thick EPE Foam Sheet and Shock Absorption Micro-Fiber highly padded fillingFilled with water or sand6ft
Mytra Fusion Free Standing Punch Bag
High grade synthetic leather PU leather and Stitched using a RAW Triple-needle fleece Pico-threadFilled with water or sandApprox 6ft
Senshi Free Standing Punch Bag 
Made with synthetic Rex leather, steel core and stitched with tear resistant ropeFloor sucking base and can be filled with Water or sand6ft 
Everlast Powercore or FIT Punch Bag 
High synthetic leather and Tri-disc foam rings, wrapped around the collarFilled with water or sandAdjustable from 4.3ft – 5.5ft
Athens Sparta Punch Bag
Stainless steel tube stand, multi-layer construction: 2mm thickened PU leather striking surface, high-density EPE foamFilled with water or sandApprox 6ft
MaxStrength360 Punch Bag 
PU synthetic leather, high-density thick EPE foam sheet Filled with water or sand6ft
Century Bob Punch Bag
Made of high-strength plastisol and filled with urethane foamFilled with water or sandAdjustable from 5ft – 6.5ft
Century Original Wavemaster Punch Bag
Consists of high-density foam, covered with durable vinylFilled with water or sand. Rubberised bottom layer to stop slidingAdjustable from 4ft – 5.6ft
Century Wavemaster 2XL
Consists of high-density foam, covered with durable vinylFilled with water or sand. Rubberised bottom layer to stop sliding5.6ft

1. RDX Free Standing Punch Bag  

The RDX has just recently released this version of the free-standing punch bag and it is no doubt that this UK company is wanting to dominate the market with its product. 

Unlike some of the other bags on this list, RDX has wanted to make sure that the base of this free-standing bag is sturdy and won’t fall over. Having looked at reviews some people have struggled with suction cups on certain bases and have suggested using sand instead of water. 

However, once the bag is placed, everyone seems to have had a relatively positive and enjoyable experience! 

2. Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag

The Dripex is the original version of this bag, and you will see a lot of copycat bags around for this. However, it’s always worth going for Dripex’s original bag in my opinion.

So you will have seen from the top of this article I gave this the best value, and that is because of the general customer satisfaction it has been given all around. 

The base is one of the best options with 12 strong suction cups to go with it and can be used outside too. Most people have been able to use water or sand with no issues at all. This bag also has a unique shock-absorbing spring feature to help keep the noise down too! 

3. Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Punch Bag 

This is a best seller on Amazon in the UK and that is probably due to being a bit cheaper than the rest on the list. It comes in 4 different designs to choose from and if you are just looking for a simple workout every now and again or to use over the winter this will definitely be fine to use. 

There have been some criticisms around toppling over from reading reviews – if you have a powerful punch or kick. So maybe something to keep in mind if you’re a big lad that punches hard!  

4. Gallant MaxStrike 360 Punch Bag

The Gallant Max Strike 360 in my opinion is definitely an upgrade from the standard 5.5ft stand just above. The reason for this; well it has a bigger and more stable base with sucker cups.

It also has more defined target strike points on the print of the bag and of course is a bit bigger in the height standing at 6ft.

If you have a bit of a bigger budget, I would definitely choose this over the Gallant original option. 

5. Mytra Fusion Free Standing Punch Bag

The Mytra fusion punch bags are one of the more expensive punch bags on this list standing at 6ft. The large punch surface area makes this an ideal option for those looking for a punch and kicks workout with it.

The Mytra Fusion bag has a heavy-duty base that can hold 270 pounds of water or sand for stability! Having read and looked at some reviews people are generally delighted with this bag once used, but struggle with the initial setup. Something to keep in mind if you don’t like a huge setup! 

There is also a numbered strike numbered print version of this bag which you might prefer instead of the original black synthetic version. 

6. Senshi Free Standing Punch Bag 

Senshi are Japanese brand that has created a 6ft humanoid punch bag with helpful target strike points for beginners! 

This free-standing punch bag is ideal for those wanting a punching bag that will be sturdy enough to take kicks and punches in a more lifelike experience. 

Looking at personal reviews on this, there have been doubts over the sturdiness of the base with water or sand. However, it does have noise and shock-absorbing springs to help with this. Maybe something to keep in mind if you plan on buying, but they do offer 100% money-back guarantee!

7. Everlast Powercore or FIT Free Standing Punch Bag 

Everlast is one of the most renowned boxing brands out there and they have created a very popular free-standing punch bag for home gyms.

There are two models of Everlast’s Free-standing punch bags which are pretty much the same if I’m being honest. The Powercore and FIT– it’s up to you what you version, but the FIT version comes with some additional fitness kit.

In terms of the features for this, it comes with a very large base that can be filled with sand or water to keep it steady. 

This bag also has a slight recoil spring on the neck of the bag to help with power punches so it doesn’t move off balance at the base. One thing to note is that this bag is probably best for those that just want to work boxing/punching workouts. 

Athens Sparta Punch Bag 

The Sparta Free-standing punch bag by Athens is definitely one of the cheaper options on this list. It does more or less have a good rating and could probably be compared to the Gallant 5.5ft bag. 

Personally, I think target strike points are better on this bag compared to Gallant and also slightly bigger at 6ft. 

However, looking at reviews many have said at least 3 bags of sand are required if you want to make the base stable – especially if you have a powerful punch. 

MaxStrength 360 Punch Bag 

MaxStrength Punch Bag is without a doubt an upgrade to the above Sparta Bag, so if you are unsure of which one to pick between these two. I would probably spend a little more on getting a MaxStrength 360 Punch Bag instead! 

Looking at reviews, most seem to be happy when striking this bag thanks to its use of high-density foam and durable fabric padding. 

It is recommended to probably pick at least 3-4 bags of sand for the base of this free-standing punch bag. 

Century Bob Punch Bag 

The one and only Century Bob freestanding punch have to be one of the most famous punch bags out there. 

Thanks to its human-like appearance, and special foam material to give a lifelike feeling. This has been a brilliant option for many looking for an authentic punching experience and I have always enjoyed using this down at the gym. 

If you have the budget and you would like to try something a bit different, this has to be a punching bag you consider. 

Century Original Wavemaster Free Standing Punch Bag 

Century is well known for creating the best free-standing punch bags on the market. The go-to option for many is the original Wavemaster which many of the above bags have tried to replicate in some shape or form. 

This can be used for striking and kicking training making it an optimal option for those looking for a full martial art experience. However, I would say this bag is probably better suited for punching. 

The punch bag area is also adjustable from 4ft – 5.8ft making it a reasonable size for most to use for their training. 

Century Wavemaster 2XL Punch Bag 

Now, this is probably one of the more expensive bags on the list and a slightly bigger option than the original Wavemaster just above. Standing at 5.5 this bag does have a larger surface area and suits those that want to practice kicks as well as punching.

The base can be filled with water or sand and has a handy rubberised base below to stop it from sliding.

Many say it takes a two-man job to set this bag up, but are absolutely delighted once they have it all set up to start punching and kicking it.

Thanks for reading this review, let me know in the comment below what option you are thinking of going for or if you have personal experience.

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