Top 10 Best Free Standing Punch Bags Review [2021]

Best Freestanding Punch Bags

To start off this review I wanted to give some advice on how a free standing punch bags can actually benefit you and give you my 10 bag options further below which will help you make the best decision on which to go for.

(Updated Jan 2021 – new punch bags)

What is a free standing punch bag?

Unlike the more common hanging heavy bag, a free standing bag has a heavy base which is generally filled with sand or water. This helps to keep the bag steady, solid and upright as you practice your punching combinations against it.

FightCamp free standing punch bag

How will a freestanding punch bag help you?

Personally I feel that free standing punching bags are very useful for those that don’t have access to a boxing gym/normal gym nearby to practice your punching skills. You do occasionally see more expensive ones in the gym, but generally they are best for those that have enough space to put this in their own home, garage or anywhere else practical.

These bags are a brilliant option for those wanting to learn to box from home and alot easier to set up than your traditional hanging heavy bag which could prove to be a nuisance if you don’t have enough space to hang it up.

If you are complete beginner to boxing, it might be worth checking out my top online boxing courses to get you started.

To make life easier for you here is a list of the pros and cons of a free standing punch bag and how it could help you out below.

FightCamp free standing punch bag


Set upfree standing punch bags are generally a lot easier to set up than your traditional hanging bag. They usually have minimal installation which means you can get started with training straight away.

Adaptable – You have the ability to move the bag around to the most appropriate place for your training. Also, once you have finished your session you can move it out way to give you more space.

Softer – These bags are generally not as firm as hanging bags which makes it a lot softer for your knuckles or legs when you are punching or kicking during your workout.

Train from home – Standing boxing bags are ideal for working out from home with the ability to practice punching combinations, punching from range and footwork around the target. As I said above, it’s great for those that don’t have regular access to a gym.


Stability – as the bag is upright it generally designed to stay in place upright. If you have a powerful punch this can sometimes move or even knock over some bags, so be careful!

Training Limitations – there is only so much you can do to train with a free standing bags. It’s a lot harder to practice punching from close range due to heavy base, your lead foot can also sometime clash with this. This type of bag is also very much a stationary target with no movement taking place which can be bad for your boxing foot movement.

Cost – Now the downside to this is that free standing bags can be quite an expensive purchase if you want a quality bag. If you do decide to go ahead, consider it as an investment in yourself to improve your boxing skills and overall fitness.

What are the best freestanding punch bags?

Well there is so many options out there for you to try out, but first and foremost I think you should consider the following bags to get you started somewhere.

1. Gallant Max360 Strike Free Standing Punch Bag

The Gallant Max360 Strike free standing punch bag option is an upgraded version of the original 5.5 Gallant Punch bag. If you are going to pick between the two I would highly recommend you pick this if you looking for a higher quality and durable punch bag to last you a longer time.

This is still a great lower budget bag to consider and is definitely one of the more affordable quality options you can buy today. Gallant have added many design improvement including suction cups on the base and 12 ‘numbered spot’ design cover to help improve your accuracy and combinations.



2. Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

The Dripex Freestanding punching bag is a high quality free standing punch bag which has spring features which will move the bag as you punch it. Dripex have designed this to be ultra silent and have a 360 shock and noise absorption. A great option if you are wanting to keep the noise down as you workout.



3. RDX F6 Kara Free Standing Punch Bag

RDX F6 Kara Golden and Black 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag with Mitts

RDX KARA 6ft XXL Free Standing Punch bag comes with a massive extra wide punch bag spanning 35cm. This is a custom made for the ultimate punching and kicking experience. It is created with a multi-layered anti-tear and maya hide leather filled with high density foam provides ideal resistance and optimal shock absorption.

RDX have also created a Octa-Truss Technology with 17 heavy duty suction cups attached to 8 sliders which provide rock solid stability for aggressive training. The base can be filled with water or sand due to wider filling hole and a complimentary funnel. This free standing bag is perfect for kickboxing, MMA, boxing or even regular cardio workouts. 


4. Mytra Fusion Free Standing Bag

Now Mytra Fusion free standing bag is great option if you who are just looking to really practice your punching or kicking accuracy. It comes with twelve punching dots in its design which can help you practice different attack combinations helping you and reminding you change up your workout each time you practice. This bag should definitely help improve your focus and punching accuracy.


Or why not check out my Top 5 Target Punch bags here.

5. Century Bob XL

The Century Bob XL is by far one of the best options out there due to the mimicking a human which makes it a fantastic and quality option to go with.

As you can see from the above design, ‘Bob’ is created to be human like, this is to give you a far more authentic experience while you practice your punching combinations. It is also comes with a fully adjustable stand depending on your height.

I recommend you check out this handy review by ‘Fit2Box’ below.


6. Everlast Everflex (Power Core) Free Standing Heavy Punch Bag + Resistance Bands

Everlast have also come up with high quality product which is on the expensive end, but is probably one of the best quality traditional free standing punch bags out there. This high density foam bag is designed to be flexible and extremely durable with a ‘spring action response’ for the bag to have some movement as you punch it.

Everlast have also included a resistance band and wrap around sit up strap for you to train other areas or your body which could help break up your exercise routine. Check out this great review by WAHB 5YY of a previous Power Core model (North America) of this to give you an idea of the spring response below.


7. Century Original Wavemaster Punch Bag

Ideal for cardio kickboxing workouts, the Cardio Wavemaster features a 40-inch tall bag made of durable, high density foam and a poly denier shell. The longer bag and low-profile base allow for more kicks and strikes, while the base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation.


8. Cardio Wavemaster

Ideal for cardio kickboxing workouts, the Cardio Wavemaster features a 40-inch tall bag made of durable, high density foam and a poly denier shell. The longer bag and low-profile base allow for more kicks and strikes, while the base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation.


9. TurnerMax Free Standing Punch Bag

TurnerMax punch bag is just that slightly bigger bag than the above Gallant standing at 6ft. Made from a high quality synthetic leather and packed with EVA foam, your punches will get a bouncy and flexible feeling as you strike the bag while you practice. Probably one of the better quality and affordable free standing punching bags out there.


10. Core Home Fitness FightMaster

Now Core Home Fitness FightMaster is probably the most unique free standing punch bag on this list which they describe as “The ultimate target striking training station for your home.” They have done this by creating a patented reactive rod system attached to each target.

These rods have been set up in way to replicate punching a mitt, by offering a slight “give” in the pads on impact that has that lovely ‘pop’ when you connect. This standing punch bag is slightly different and more on expensive side, but if you are looking for something a bit different this could be for you!


*Please note – some of these are manufactured in the UK so make sure to check out below for further ‘free standing punching bags’ to consider:

Also let me know in the comments below which option you might go for.

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Thanks for reading!


Jamie - Boxing Life

I'm an amateur boxer and blogger trying to pass on my boxing experiences and passion to anyone looking to learn or find out more about the sport of boxing. Whether that be reviews, news, training tips or my own personal journey, I'll be covering it on "Boxing Life".

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Free Standing Punch Bags Review [2021]

  1. For the past few months I have been looking for a good free standing boxing bag for my house. I’m glad that I found this site because from all the listings I really like the TurnerMax Free standing punch Bag. I like its style and the design. I’m definitely ordering it today.

    Thank you so much for the rundown on these boxing bags.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sujandar, I’m gad this article has been useful and the TurnerMax free standing punch bag is great option! 


  2. Hi Jamie,  

    Thanks for the cool review. I bought a stand up bag a while back since I just don’t have the room anywhere in my house to put one. I keep it in the garage and take it outside to use in the yard when it’s nice out. You can’t beat the convenience of it however, it definitely can’t take the beating that a regular bag can. That being said, I think it’s still a great option for people like me with limited space. Wish I saw this list before I made a purchase as the bag I bought isn’t on there and is probably on the cheap side. All of these bags look awesome. I am going to keep these in mind for the future when it wears out. Thanks again! 

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for the comment! As you said they are very convenient if you want to move it around depending on your space, but they do have there limitations in terms of training. Hopefully some of these bags will give you a better idea on what to go for in the future. 

      Thanks again,


  3. I don’t box but I have used the hanging bag a few times during my years of doing taekwondo. It was pretty fun but I do agree that the hanging bags are very firm which was quite an experience punching something that was so hard. In terms of the options you gave, I like #3 with the focus on building accuracy, that looks good as well as #4 as they offer variety with the resistance band and wrap-around strap. Have you personally ever knocked over a standing bag?

    1. Hi Cyndy, 

      Yes I personally prefer the hanging heavy bags as you can get a lot closer to them without your feet clashing. The free standing bag however gives you an opportunity to focus on your punching technique. I think the the Everlast option is great if you are also wanting other training elements. For your question, I’ve never knocked one over personally, but I have made them move from some harder punches. You need to make sure it has enough weight in base to stop this from happening

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Looks like ‘Bob’ had a bit of a ‘seeing to’ but looked to be able to stand up to it. I’ve been toying with the idea of a free standing punch bag. I have had a hanging bag for many years, bought second-hand and in all honesty, it’s hardly ever been used due to space. The room it’s in now has loads of other stuff that has no place to go. I like the idea of a free standing bag as it would be able to go outside. Do you know if you can get covers for them ? I was also surprised by the pricing. Not as bad as I was expecting, although I think ‘Century Bob XL’ might be out of my range but the Mytra Fusion looks the business.

    1. Hi Romero, 

      Thanks for the comment, yes hanging heavy bags definitely need the space if you are going to use them. Potentially you may just need a slight upgrade to what you have – check out my top 10 heavy bag review here

      As you said maybe an standing punch bag will be a lot more practical for you going forward. I wouldn’t go for the  ‘Century Bob XL’ if you are unsure on what to go for as it does have a slightly different feel to it over other standing punch bags when striking it. The ‘Mytra Fusion’ bag might just be the perfect solution for you! 

      Hope this helps man! 



  5. Hey Jamie thanks for this review. My brother is an amateur boxer and he was just talking to me last night about getting a free standing boxing bag. He prefers to workout at home after work instead of driving back and forth to the gym.and was thinking of putting a hanging bag in his garage. But to conserve space for his car he wants a free standing bag. I am going to share this review with him because he is the one that will be making the purchase.

    I personally like the look of the TurnerMax but my brother will probably go with the Everlast Everflex being that he loves Everlast boxing gear. Perhaps if he can afford it I can see how the Century Bob XL would be better, seeing how it resembles a human and can be height adjusted. I assume the head is mounted on a thick spring to prevent it from going too far in any direction from a hard punch. Do you think it can withstand multiple hard jabs and uppercuts to the head?

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for the comment! Like you said the free standing bags are a lot easier to move around as you see fit. If you are going to be working out from home they are usually a lot more practical to move than your traditional hanging heavy bags. 

      In terms of your option I would go with it would probably be the Everlast Everflex. From my own personal experience of using the Century Bob in the boxing gym, it can definitely withstand multiple punches, but it does have a slightly different feel to punching any other free standing punch bags.  

      Hope this helps Rob. 



  6. Thank you for the thorough review.  My son seems to be interested now and then in practicing boxing but there is not enough space in our home for a normal bag so he has one in his grandfather’s garage but it would be much better for him to have one bag here and a free standing boxing bag could be a good solution. I can understand the pros of it so I’ll consider getting one for my son as a a present.  Do you recoomend Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Punch Bag or only a more expensive one?

    1. Hi Agnes, thanks for your comment! That’s great to hear your son is interested and it’s a great idea for keeping him active. Yes I think the Gallant is a good cheaper starting option to go with if you are unsure. If you know he is going to use it a lot and for few more years to come, its probably worth going for a more expensive option. Hope this helps you!  


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