Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners [2023]

Best boxing gloves for beginners

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners? If you are reading this article you are probably just about to start boxing or thinking about taking it up. It’s a really hard decision that many beginners struggle with as there are so many glove options out there, it can be quite overwhelming what to actually choose.

For example, I hear and get questions from beginners all the time:

“Should I get 16oz, 14oz or 12oz gloves?”

“What brand is the best?”

“I don’t want to spend too much on them, but I want good quality.”

Hopefully, by taking a few minutes of your time I can give you a bit of background on the important aspects you should definitely consider before buying, along with some affordable options to help you make the best decision before you get started in your training!

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What boxing glove size should I get?

Now before showing you my glove sizes below, please consider that boxing gloves can come in all different shapes and styles depending on the brand, which can fit your hands differently. I like to compare this to your feet when trying on new shoes. You might try a pair of size 10s, but the shoe shape and style just don’t feel right for your own feet. It’s the exact same for your hands.

For example, some people have bigger or smaller hands, so one set of gloves may feel comfortable for you, but for others, it might be too tight for their hands. So keep that in mind when you are making your decision. My guide below is more general to do with your weight, and hand size (e.g. XL) and focused on bag gloves in this post.

If you are planning on sparring most gyms will only allow you to use 16oz gloves (14oz in some cases), which is something to keep in mind. I always like to use a separate pair of gloves for sparring.

Size Guide:

These are my recommended sizes for training purposes:

Glove WeightWeightHand Size
16oz-18oz gloves175lbs+L/XL
14oz gloves150-175lbsM/L/XL
10-12oz gloves100-150lbsS/M/L
6-8oz gloves (children)under 100lbsXS/S

What features are important?

There is four key values I always consider when purchasing boxing training gloves and you should definitely keep these in mind before making a purchase:

  1. Price – this is probably one of the first things you will look at when buying your gloves. With so many ‘cheap’ options out there, it’s always worth spending that little bit more to make sure you get a quality product that will fit into my other key boxing glove values below.
  2. Durability – you want to have a glove that actually lasts you for a while. You don’t want to buy gloves that will fall apart after a few months and have to spend more money again! This for me is the most important aspect of buying gloves, so that I know they will last me for a long time. It’s always good to have two pairs of gloves so you are not constantly using the same pair and wearing them out.
  3. Protection – now for some people it’s all about making sure your hands, knuckles and wrists have great protection. You’ll want to make sure they have good padding inside and out, along with a strong hook and loop velcro strap to keep your hands secure and protected. The worst thing to have is a glove that is flimsy and hurts you every time you punch!
  4. Comfort – this very much links in with the size of the glove as you will be using them a lot. You want to make sure your hand is actually comfortable in them. You will usually have to try a few brands before you know what feels best for you.

Top 10 Beginner Boxing Glove Options

Now I have made a list of 10 excellent glove options below which I think are the best, quality and most affordable starting training gloves for beginners in boxing.

1. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Venum Impact Gloves

Venum is one the best up-and-coming boxing and mixed martial art companies right now in my opinion. It’s no wonder when they are selling a range of gear at high quality for such a reasonable amount! Not only do Venum Impact gloves look cool I also really like the way they have used the snake logo as part of the design for this glove.

Features of this glove include a triple-density foam to protect your hands, which definitely helps make the glove more comfortable for you when smashing the pads or heavy bag, but it also helps avoid hand injuries as you practice your technique.


2. RIVAL Boxing RB7 Fitness Plus Bag Gloves

The Rival RB7 Fitness Bag Gloves are a great option for any beginner about to start boxing as they offer you brilliant overall protection in the impact zone and have a secure hook and loop strap. The best part about these gloves in my opinion is how cushiony they feel on striking all equipment in the gym such as the heavy bag, mitts, or double-end bag.

These gloves also come in multiple designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from – I went for the classic red look! In terms of the material, Rival has used Carbonium PU, which is an extra-resistant vinyl material and almost makes it looks like it has a layer of Carbon fiber over it!

Rating :


2. RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

RDX Ego Gloves

Another really solid boxing glove for beginners is the RDX Ego glove, which has created a really good all-round glove! The glove comes in a range of colors including gold, red, green, blue and pink so you can pick whatever fits your fancy. The product itself is very durable and will definitely last you for a while.

They have a really good shock resistance foam and aren’t too tight on the hand with breathable space for comfort. The wrist strap may look quite thin and not as solid as other gloves, but the cuff still feels strong enough once you have it on.



You also check out more of my top RDX glove selections here

4. Everlast PowerLock Gloves

Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves black and white

Everlast Powerlock Gloves are probably one of the most well-known and respected boxing equipment and apparel companies out there! Boxers such as Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Errol Spence Jr and Mikey Garcia are just some of the best boxers that have been seen to use Everlast gloves as professionals in training and their fights.

For beginners, however, the Everlast power lock gloves are definitely great gloves to consider. They are fantastic all-round gloves for sparring, hitting the heavy bag or the pads. The design of the glove gives you the perfect balance between power and protection.


5. RDX F15 Noir Boxing Gloves

The RDX F15 Boxing Gloves is a product I would highly recommend for anyone looking for an all-round pair of gloves. These can be used for sparring, on the heavy bag, punch mitts and many other pieces of boxing equipment. The gloves have been designed exactly for resistance and for longevity as RDX sports even describe them as “a pair of boxing gloves that won’t quit.”

A downside to these gloves for me though is that they only come in the Matt Black/Noir coloring and it would have been nice if RDX gave you a couple of other options for this glove. Regardless of this minor negative, it is still a very cool-looking design!



6. Ringside Boxing Pro Training Gloves

Ringside Boxing Glove

Ringside has created a quality glove design at an entry-level price. If you are just starting out in your boxing training and looking to get fit, this is a great boxing glove, to begin with. The synthetic leather and shape of the glove make this very durable and protective for your hand.



7. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

These gloves are fully handmade in Thailand with 100% Semi leather, the Venum Elite boxing gloves were designed to bring you the highest fighting experience at the best price and finest quality.

They are made with triple-density foam in the padding which really helps to absorb the shock whenever you make an impact. They also have a vast variety of colors to choose from – I went for the khaki green.



8. Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Twins are primarily a brand for Maui Thai and kickboxing which has created a more rounded top and extra padding on the front and side to give protection from kicks. The hands for these gloves have more flexibility to move so you have the ability to parry and clinch for muay thai or kickboxing. The wrist support for these gloves is a little bit looser than traditional boxing gloves in my opinion.

The quality of these gloves is superb though and is made with real leather and handmade in Thailand. If you are just going to be doing boxing training on the heavy bag, pads/double-end bag etc. these gloves will be absolutely fine to use and you won’t be left disappointed with the quality.


9. Fighting Sports Fury Training Gloves

Fight Sports Fury Training Gloves

Fighting Sports are a sub-brand of TITLE Boxing and in my opinion, has created a superb classic all-round training glove for anyone that participates in boxing training. It’s all-round use makes it a reliable option to go with and can also be used for sparring. They have definitely mocked the design of the Japanese brand ‘Winning’ as a way to get more sales, however, in the case of this glove they have done a brilliant job!

It has been created with real full-grain leather which makes this very durable and will last you. The strike zone has been made with a medium-density sponge foam to give your hand great protection to avoid injuries. The hook and loop velcro strap is also very secure and will leave you feeling very secure. Overall I do rate this glove highly, but you will have to spend a little more to get this than some of the other options on this list.



10. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves is truly one of the best boxing gloves out there right now and are perfect gloves if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced boxer or mixed martial artist looking for a quality boxing glove. In 2019 these gloves were Awarded “Best Boxing Gloves” by Men’s Health Magazine.

These will cost you a bit more money, but you need to see this as a longer-term investment if you are going to go for these. They have all-around brilliant padding and protection and are ergonomically very comfortable for your hands!


You can also check out some Hayabusa Superhero gloves addition here.


All ten of the gloves above are definitely worth looking into purchasing and each has that round quality to their design, which will suit any beginners coming into the sport of boxing or mma. If I had to pick one for a round boxing training experience it would definitely be between Venum Impact or Everlast Powerlock Gloves.

Hope you found this review helpful and make sure to let us know in the comments below what options you are thinking of going for.

You can check out more of my boxing reviews here or if you would like to see more options check out my full boxing gloves buyers guide here.

(Updated March 2023)


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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners [2023]

  1. Great review a must see for all boxing beginners. I really love the designs the gloves have. I will definitely refer anyone looking for beginners boxing gloves to this review.
    Thank You,

    1. Thank you David that means a lot. I really believe these gloves are a great starting point for beginners in boxing.

  2. Great review, I love martial arts and I really love the look of these gloves for beginners, I will consider one of them when I want to change mine 😉

    Thanks for the review

  3. I’m glad you said it’s for beginners because, by the look of them, I couldn’t say. They seem really nice. Of course, I’m not even a beginner so probably that’s why! 🙄 I’m starting in September and I look forward to the lessons!
    I guess they come in many sizes, right?

    1. That great to hear Jenny! I really recommend any of these gloves if you are just about to begin in September. In terms of sizes I would recommend 12oz or 14oz. Hope this helps! 🙂 

  4. Thanks a lot for your concise descriptions. My 13 year old has been involved in Taekwondo for a while. They have opened a boxing gym a little closer to home, which would be more convenient for us. I am going to pick up some gloves for him and see if that helps peak his interest. I’ll take a look at your other gear and maybe I can put together a beginner’s package.

    1. Thanks for your comment! That’s great you’re thinking of getting your child into the sport of boxing. Even just the training element is great for discipline and fitness. I’ll be posting more reviews soon so please come back when you are looking for more equipment. 



  5. I want to get into boxing, but just for fun. I don’t have any previous experience, but I’m in pretty good shape. I was looking at the RDX Ego Boxing Gloves as they don’t look as bulky as the others. You say they aren’t as tight around the hands. Does that give any issues later on?

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for your comment! 

      That’s fantastic that you want to get into boxing! It really is a good workout even for beginners and for those that are in good shape. The RDX is just not as bulky as some other gloves out there, which makes it easier for you slip into and gives you a lot more comfort when using them. You don’t want your hand to feel too loose either so make sure you wrap your hands before working out. 



  6. I didn’t realise there were so many options!  And they’re actually pretty funky.  Love the different colours.  I never really thought about getting different colours – just red, black or white.  Are there different gloves for men and women?  I would imagine most women have smaller hands than men and might need smaller gloves.

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for commenting! Yes there is so many options out there for everyone. In terms of sizes for women – I would probably try something between these sizes 10oz, 12oz or 14oz. Hope this helps you!


  7. Hi Jamie… I started using a heavy bag this year, so I just bought cheap 16 ounce gloves since I didn’t know what I was doing.  Now that I am more into training and learning how to box a bit, I know I need better gloves.  

    You review of these boxing gloves has really helped me on deciding which gloves I need, and what to look for.  Thank you for this comprehensive review.   Clay  

    1. Thanks Clay, I’m really glad this has helped you! Wishing you all the best with your training, keep it up! 


  8. Thanks for creating this great guide! I like the look of the Venum boxing gloves myself, but I think I’d be more comfortable going with a pair of Everlast gloves since they are such a respected and proven quality brand. Do you think the Venum gloves measure up in terms of quality and reliability to an established seller like Everlast? I do think the design of the Venum gloves are better so hopefully the quality is too!

    1. Hi Danny, thanks for your comment. 

      Yes the Venum Gloves are very good quality and I feel they are just as good as the Everlast Gloves I have suggested in this article.  I would say overall I do prefer Everlast gloves as whole and if you have a bit more money spend definitely invest in good pair. But remember it’s also preference sometimes you just need to try a few. Hope this helps. 



  9. My third daughter is thinking of joining a boxing club as an exercise. I’m not sure of the quality of the equipment in Amazon. I have bad experiences buying online, so I’m careful now. I don’t wanna send anything back with my spending another cash for return. Do you think these products will last long? I don’t want to buy something that would cost me again and again in a short period of time. I don’t mind spending a good price for a thing that would last longer.

    1. Hi Eli, I understand the concern here, but I honestly wouldn’t worry too much for these gloves. You just need to make sure you look after them and they can last you a good few years. Check out my guide on how to look after boxing gloves. This should hopefully help the life time value of your gloves.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for this thorough review on boxing gloves for beginner. My brother will enjoy reading this article because of how you have explained each boxing gloves in great detail and he will not have a hard time in searching what boxing gloves will suits him best and will last a bit longer.

  11. I like this review and found it helpful. These gloves are fantastic and I have been trying to get into martial arts and/or boxing for a while – let me read the each individual review more carefully. I like the Venum Impact gloves the best – do you know if they come in different colors? thanks.

    1. Hi Paul, glad this review has helped you out! Hopefully this will give you a decent starting point. As far as I know this is the only colour I can find for impact gloves. You can check out other options for the Venum gloves here.



  12. I love this post on different glove types for beginners. I really do like all the types you have mentioned in your article but seems I will go for the venum impact glove. It’s cool and nice with an attracting style and color. But I hope the price is flexible enough to order for it. Thanks

    1. Hi Olalekan,

      Thanks for the comment and happy you liked the article! 🙂 

      The Venum Impact Gloves are a great choice, you won’t be disappointed! 


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