10 Best Boxing Audiobooks You Have To Listen To

best boxing audiobooks

In the world we live today sometimes it’s a lot easier to listen and learn from the stories of boxing legends. I have listened to all these audiobooks and you won’t be left disappointed!

These are great to listen to while your driving, travelling to and from work or if you have some down time! I’ve also listed some great psychological fighter mindset related audiobooks in this list below, which I highly recommend to those that currently training or competing in boxing / mma.

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So here are my are top 10 boxing audio books you have to consider listening to:

1. Undisputed Truth: Mike Tyson

Once labeled the baddest man on the planet, this autobiography tells us the story of Mike Tyson from poverty to stardom to hell and back again.

The book was Co-written with Larry Sloman, and is full of controversy and complexity that you would expect from a man who delighted as much as he shocked, this is a book that will surprise people and reveal a fascinating character beneath the full exterior of violence. If you think you know all about Mike Tyson, listen to this book and think again.

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2. Cus D’Amato: Life Lessons on Will, Skill, Discipline & Psychological Warfare from Mike Tyson’s Mentor

Cus D’amato was a legendary American boxing manager and trainer who handled the careers of Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson, and José Torres. In this audio book Cus D’amato give you the chance to learn lessons to improve your life in all aspects. This includes:

  • Fear is like fire (how to harness it!)
  • How to stay calm & focused
  • How to set & conquer goals with purpose

If you are looking for self improvement book while also want to learn from boxing training legend, this is for you!

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3. The Greatest: My Own Story

The stories and life lessons of Muhammad Ali never get old in my opinion. In this autobiography, Ali chronicles the battles he faced in and out of the ring in this fascinating memoir edited by Nobel Prize-winning novelist.

Muhammad Ali is a: sports legend; unapologetic anti-war advocate; outrageous showman and gracious goodwill ambassador; fighter, lover, poet, and provocateur; an irresistible force to be reckoned with. Who better to tell the tale than the man who went the distance living it?

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4. The Fighter’s Mind: Inside the Mental Game

Sam Sheridan writer of the national bestseller, A Fighter’s Heart, tells us his stories from his own experiences as a Muay Thai fighter in Bangkok to Iowa, where he fought the toughest mixed martial arts stars, Sheridan threw himself into a quest to understand how and why we fight. In The Fighter’s Mind, Sheridan explores the mental discipline required of an elite fighter.

Sheridan interviewed dozens of the world’s most fascinating and dangerous men in the fight game. He spoke with celebrated trainers Freddie Roach and Greg Jackson; champion fighters Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, and Marcelo Garcia; In his training, Sheridan heard time and again (in Yogi Berra fashion) that “fighting is ninety percent mental, half the time.” – this book will help give you meaning to what this means.

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5. Behind the Mask: Tyson Fury

A bestseller in the UK, as you learn the extraordinary story of the rise and fall and rise again of Tyson Fury…

Like all the greatest stories, though, there is redemption and Tyson defies all the odds and literally drags himself to his feet. 10 million people around the globe watched Fury fight Wilder in the biggest fight of the boxing calendar. Speaking candidly about his struggles with mental health, this is Tyson Fury as you have never seen him before.

Behind the Mask is an autobiography from one of the greatest boxers of our time and a man who has demonstrated strength of a very different kind by conquering his demons.

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6. Atlas: From the Streets to the Ring: A Son’s Struggle to Become a Man

So begins the autobiography of legendary boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas, who grew from the rebellious son of a doctor to a man who embraces, and lives by, his father’s values and code.

In this gritty, spellbinding tale, Atlas recounts his fascinating life — as a juvenile delinquent on the streets of Staten Island; as a boxer and Golden Gloves champion under the tutelage of famed trainer Cus D’Amato; and as a trainer of champions and contenders, among them fourteen-year-old Mike Tyson and heavyweight Michael Moorer, whom he led to the crown with a win over Evander Holyfield.

Like Teddy Atlas – inimitable, tough, honest, and wise — this book inspires. It is about so much more than boxing. It is a story of overcoming hardships, of compassion for those in need, of tremendous personal integrity, and of personal and professional triumph.

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7. The Autobiography of Roberto Duran

They called him ‘Hands of Stone’. In his own words, and for the first time, Roberto Duran tells his unbelievable story in I Am Duran: The Autobiography of Robert Duran. From the mean streets of Panama to the bright lights of Las Vegas, blazing a trail through the golden decade of boxing, Duran, in unflinching form, dispels myths and lays bare the cost of conquering the world. He also returns to the debacle that entered sporting folklore during his rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard, when he uttered the infamous words ‘no mas’ – no more.

From his stunning debut in New York to the glorious defeat of Sugar Ray Leonard, the world titles and the chaos that ensued after the No Mas encounter, Duran’s explosive life in the ring was matched only by the volatility outside of it, as he lurched from kingmaker to bankruptcy, before the ultimate ending of a bloody comeback and, finally, redemption.

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8. Smokin’ Joe: The Autobiography of a Heavyweight Champion of the World, Smokin’ Joe Frazier

When boxing was bold, bright, and glamorous and the fights were the hottest sporting events of the year, Joe Frazier was king as the Heavyweight Champion of the World. From 1970 to 1973 he reigned. With a career record of 32-4-1 with twenty-seven knockouts and an Olympic gold medal, Frazier leaves little question that he was one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Personable, good-natured, and funny, Frazier’s story is a real delight.

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9. Strong Boy: The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan, America’s First Sports Hero

Strong Boy tells the story of America’s first sports superstar, a self-made man who personified the power and excesses of the Gilded Age. Everywhere John L. Sullivan went, his fists backed up his bravado. Sullivan’s epic brawls, such as his 75-round bout against Jake Kilrain, and his cross-country barnstorming tour in which he literally challenged all of America to a fight are recounted in vivid detail, as are his battles outside the ring with a troubled marriage, wild weight and fitness fluctuations, and raging alcoholism.

Strong Boy gives readers ringside seats to the colorful tale of one of the country’s first Irish-American heroes and the birth of the American sports media and the country’s celebrity obsession with athletes.

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10. Mental Combat: The Sports Psychology Secrets You Can Use to Dominate Any Event!

This book finally gives an easy way to use the science of sports psychology to skyrocket your performance! You may already know that pro athletes use the power of sports psychology to boost motivation, manage nerves, and become top performers. The problem is that many of these techniques are kept secret, and other guides are heavy and full of jargon.

So how can you use the simple power of sports psychology techniques to revolutionize your performance today? This is mental combat…and once applied to your training, it quickly revolutionizes performance – every time!

Moreover, it gives you the proven scientific benefits of sports psychology without needing to understand the complex history and theories.

While traditional guides can be heavy and difficult to follow, Mental Combat is a simple, tactical approach. Perfect for martial artists, fitness fans, gym enthusiasts, and even the busy office worker!

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I highly recommend all of these amazing boxing audiobooks, but if I had to pick myself I would have to go for Behind The Mask, Cus D’amato: life lessons and Strong Boy – these all fascinating to listen to or read.

Let us know in the comments below which you are most interested in! All the above are also available in hardcover or Kindle!

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Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “10 Best Boxing Audiobooks You Have To Listen To

  1. Wow! These are reallly some of the very best that have been combined in this list here. I was actually expecting Muhammed Ali to actually come first though but I cannot judge yet until I have listened to the undisputed truth by Mike Tyson too. However, this is really a great one and I really appreciate you for what you have written here. Good one out here and thumbs up

    1. I put these in no particular order! The undisputed truth is a really good listen and highly recommend!

  2. Whaddup, Jamie!

    Dude, this is exactly the article I needed. My father is a huge boxing fan and I’ve been lost with ideas for a great gift. I’ve got my eyes on the Muhammed Ali book for sure but I’m going to keep this page bookmarked. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it again in Christmas!

    1. Hi Stevie, glad you found this article useful! Hopefully your father will be happy with one of these audiobooks!



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