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Aqua Training bag review

When you are thinking of purchasing a punching bag, one of the first things you will consider is either a hanging heavy bag or free standing punch bag. However, water-based bags are also a fantastic option to consider, and one of the best options you can get is of course the Aqua Training Bag.

In this review, I will give you all the details you need to know on the Aqua water-based bag before you make the decision on going with this or another punching bag.  

Aqua Training Bag Story

First and foremost who are Aqua Training Bag is a boxing equipment company that specialises in water-based punch bags. Originally founded by Edwin Rivera and Bill Ryder, they identified that many sand-filled bags resulted in injuries. Especially when gym users would throw a punch on an unexpected ‘hard spot’.

Because of this, they wanted to come up with a solution where a bag could absorb the kinetic energy of the punch. From here the answer was always “floating” a lot closer to them than they ever knew.

The Aqua team then realized they could reimagine, re-engineer, and reinforce a sea buoy with enough strength and durability to take punches from the biggest punchers in boxing and MMA. This of course gave birth to the now highly popular Aqua Training Bag.

Are Aqua punch bags any good?

Yes, Aqua Punch Bags are very good to use as they mimic the upper body area you would be striking. This is due to the material used which means there is less joint pain on impact, better overall resistance which in turn gives you the ability to hit a bag longer.

The Aqua Bag is also quick and easy to set up and will last longer than a traditional heavy bag as it uses water instead of material fibers or sand which wear down over time. 

There is also some additional feature that you can find out more about below.

Durability and Materials 

Now one of the best things about the Aqua bag is that the bag is extremely durable thanks to the high-quality commercial grade, vinyl skin plastic. They are the same type of material you will find boat buoy uses, however, the aqua bag is designed to withstand punches instead. 

Once you fill-up the bag it will stretch out into a tear-like drop look. Once you hit the bag you don’t have to worry about the bag indenting, unlike some heavy bags which over time start to wear down in the area after being hit too often. Or having sand-filled bags move around and build up hard spots.

Training Usage 

In terms of training usage, the Aqua bag is incredibly useful as you are able to do a variety of different punches with it. You will be able to do all your standard punches including jabs, crosses, and hooks with ease.  

But another big plus about the Aqua Bag is that it also acts similar to an uppercut bag. Here, you will be able to practice your uppercuts, angled punches, and defensive head movement as you hit and move around the bag up close.

Whether you’re working out from your home gym, competing professionally, or simply looking to take your workout to the next level. Aqua Training Bags are a brilliant tool for your boxing and mixed martial arts training. 

Check out Canelo using the Aqua Training Bag below:

Aqua Punch tracking sensor

Aqua is also now offering a punch tracking sensor system to their bags which connects to their app. By placing the tracker on the bag, it is able to detect how many and the power of your punches. This is a brilliant way to track your boxing workouts so you can make sure you are performing at your best each session. See the example below: 

Check out my article here to see more punch tracking devices.

How do you set up an Aqua Punch Bag 

So how do you actually set up your Aqua Bag? Well, this is a hanging punch bag so you will need to hang this just like any other hanging bag you need a stand/ceiling mount and a high industrial chain to hang the bag from. I’ll leave links to these at the bottom of this article. 

At the top of the bag, there is a small valve for you to fill up the bag, ideally through a garden hose, particularly with their specific nozzle. Now for some, this might seem like a pain, but for the majority of boxing equipment, it requires some sort of setup.

I recommend you watch the following video to give you an idea of how to set it up.  

How heavy is an Aqua Punch Bag? 

The standard 18 Inch Aqua Bag weighs around 120 pounds when filled with water. Now the great thing about the Aqua Punch Bag is that you can have a whole different variety of sizes and weights as seen above.

For example, you can get a much smaller headhunter version where you can practice defensive head movements by swinging the bag. Or you can just get their larger sizes if you just wish to practice with your standard strikes. Obviously, the weight of these bags will be slightly less or higher.

Final Thoughts 

The Aqua bag is a brilliant product as it offers something quite different from the usual heavy bag or punch stands. When striking, it has a much more life-like feel, compared to standard bags which for me gives it a slight advantage. 

The other great thing about the Aqua Bag is the durability of it and will it last years due to the material used. You won’t have to worry about the bag getting soft dented like a hanging heavy bag. 

Finally, there is just a lot more versatility with this punch bag for training. You are able to throw a lot more angled punches which can be quite difficult to do on up-right straight bags. 

As mentioned earlier the Aqua Bag comes in different sizes. I recommend the standard size of an 18-inch bag which weighs about 120 pounds. See links further below for different sizes and other equipment you need for setup. 

Boxing Life rating:

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