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Adidas Tilt Boxing Gloves Review

Adidas have recently created their newest boxing glove collection – Tilt. The German sportswear giant have designed this unique glove by using sustainable materials with Cactus leather. This is an exciting time for those that are looking for Vegan boxing products or those wanting to improve the environment with their purchasing decisions. This might also be the best designed boxing glove by Adidas to date with their new technology.

Already, many of the top fighters and world champions have started to wear these gloves for their training and fights. This includes the likes of former boxing and MMA champions Jermel Herring, Miguel Berchelt, Alycia Baumgardner and Anderson Silva. With many more to follow suit no doubt. Check out their promotional video further below and see the gloves in action.  

The gloves are very much part of the Adidas #combatforchange campaign. Managing Director of Adidas Boxing, Christophe Dessalles, in a interview with Ring Magazine stated the intent from the global sportswear company;

Our journey to create sustainable products started a few years ago and is aligned with adidas International’s strategy. We are working towards a goal to use recycled polyester in all our products by 2024, which means no PVC (polyvinyl chloride, which is a toxic chemical), no dirty polyester, and in this journey our goal is to innovate with sustainable materials to protect the environment.

Christophe Dessalles, Adidas Boxing

You can read the full interview here.

The Materials

The Adidas Tilt gloves are considered special and in particular the 350 model. The reason being, they are the first sustainable gloves which are made from the cactus leather materials. Finding quality gloves that don’t use real leather for some has been an issue for many fighters.

Adidas have now come up with an innovative solution with a design and use of a material which is just as strong as many of the top Mexican gloves that use real leather. 

In terms of the inside padding for knuckle area, it utilizes a multi-layer and multi-density foam construction to allow for greater shock-absorption. Therefore the padding keeps your knuckles and fist safe from damage during extended workouts in the boxing gym.

The Technology 

In terms of the actual technology improvements in these Adidas gloves. The Tilt design provides fighters with greater hand support by allowing proper knuckle alignment when striking.  

They also allow the fist to retain a neutral position without forcing it into a Radial Deviation (a movement that brings the thumb closer to the radial bone of the forearm). The single mold design additionally protects against Wrist Extension or Flexion injuries as well. 

The Tilt technology should give boxers the confidence to punch harder without the fear of hurting their hand. 

Trialed And Tested

Adidas also had a very special lab location for testing these gloves with professional and amateur champions – The Robert Garcia Boxing Academy. 

For those who don’t know Robert Garcia, he is a two time trainer of the year and former world champion himself. He has trained the likes of four weight division champion Mikey Garcia, Jose Ramierz, Marcus Maidana, Vergil Ortiz Jr and Nonito Donaire. 

Adidas tested the Adidas Tilt gloves in its boxing gym to get the required feedback. The sportswear company have also said they will continue to use the gym as a source of input and for further development from fighters. 

The TILT Design

The Tilt designs themselves look pretty cool in my opinion. Unlike many of their other gloves they have focused on the famous three stripes on the top of the glove, with two primary colours. They have also used the Adidas logo on the palm of the hand at the fingertips. While also having the additional Cactus leather certification patch on the wrist sleeve of the glove. 

So far they have quite a few color options, but I’m sure they will continue to release more as the gloves start to become more popular. Check out some of the color options below: 

Adidas TILT Gloves Options 

Now in terms of the actual options available, the main cactus vegan gloves are the Tilt 350 gloves versions. Whether that be laced or velco. The other versions ARE NOT made with cactus leather but use elements of the Tilt technology instead with synthetic leather, just for you not to get confused when purchasing the products.

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