50 Amazing Ideas For Boxing Gifts

50 amazing boxing gift ideas

If you have a loved one who absolutely loves boxing you need to look no further than these 50 Amazing Boxing Gifts below. There will without a doubt be something in the list that you will be able to pick and put a huge smile on their face whatever the occasion!

What occasions will you need to buy boxing gifts?

Well it can really be all year round, but here are some key days you will probably need to consider.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas

Whether you are looking for boxing gifts for him or her, I should hopefully have covered something for you to make them happy, whatever the special occasion may be. Boxing also interests those that are just fight fans and not just necessarily, those who practice it.

So I have made sure to compile a list which has boxing products, experiences and services that will suit all those who love the sweet science of boxing.

1. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves, are truly one of the best boxing gloves out there right now and are perfect gloves for any boxer who is a beginner, intermediate or advanced boxer looking for a quality boxing glove.

Why not read my full review here or learn more on Amazon.

2. FGHTR Reflex Ball

FGHTR Reflex Ball

The FGHTR Fight Ball is one of the top reflex balls you can get and is perfect for beginners. This is because FGHTR have included a brilliant PDF Guide on “How To Master” using your reflex ball which is great if you don’t know where to start. This ball is much lighter and softer than a regular tennis reflex balls you will see and won’t be as harsh when punching.

This is a brilliant gift for any boxer looking to improve their reactions and speed. Learn more on FGHTR’s website here.

If this doesn’t pick your fancy check out my full reflex boxing balls list here

3. Boxing Memorabilia

Boxing Memorabilia gifts | Floyd Mayweather

If your loved one is huge boxing fan they will no doubt have a favorite boxer (past or present) they will always go on about or admire. If so, a piece of boxing memorabilia from a current or past boxing great such as Muhammed Ali or Floyd Mayweather could be the perfect gift. Definitely a number 1 choice for boxing fans!

SportsMemorabilia.com have an incredible selection to choose from and definitely a good starting point – Check out their boxing memorabilia options here.

If you don’t know where to start, check out my top 10 memorabilia options blog post here.

4. A Years Subscription to DAZN or FITE.tv

Streaming boxing from a subscription services such as DAZN or FITE.tv are becoming the new way to watch the biggest fights in the sport. Buying a years’ subscription for a fight fan will put a massive smile on their face and give the something to enjoy all year round! If you are running out of time to get a physical product this could be a brilliant alternative gift!

Learn more about the subscription packages on DAZN here or FITE.tv here.

Why not read my review on DAZN to find out more.

5. Jump Rope

Every boxer knows that jumping rope is an essential tool for boxing workouts and this can make a great gift for a beginner looking to start or even an advanced boxer needing a new jump rope.

Check out jump rope options on Amazon here.

6. Tickets To A Boxing Fight

Tickets to a boxing fight

If you are looking for a boxing experience gift, you should look no further than actually booking some tickets for upcoming fight close to you. You could even use this gift as away to travel to a new city or town and use the boxing event for your night out.

Check out upcoming Boxing events on ScoreBig.com here.

7. Free Standing Punch Bag

Free Standing punch bags

Free standing punch bags are a brilliant options for those wanting to learn to box or those that want to add something to their home boxing gym.

I highly recommend you check out my top 10 freestanding punch bags here or these best Century freestanding bags here.

8. Hanging Heavy Bag

Hanging Heavy Bag Gift

The heavy bag is probably one of the most common pieces of equipment and every great boxing or mma champion has used one. Just like the above, hanging heavy bags are great tool to those wanting to learn boxing from home or if you want to add to you home boxing gym.

Check out my top 10 heavy punch bag options here.

9. Boxing Shoes

Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes are designed to give you better balance and grip as you move around the ring or in training. This can be brilliant gift for someone who is a boxer and their is so many options out there!

I highly recommend you check out my Top Boxing Shoe Brands Review And Guide here.

10. Boxing Punch Tracker

Boxing Punch Tracker Gift

Boxing Punch Trackers make a really cool gift for anyone who practices boxing or is constantly in the gym and always looking to improve in their training. Most of the option that are out there are slightly different but, they measure things like your punch output and velocity. Definitely a gift you should consider!

Here are some punch trackers you can check out on Amazon:

11. FitTrack Smart Scales

FitTrack Smart Scales

Keeping in control of your weight can be one the hardest things to do over a long period and if your loved one if looking for a new way to keep fit or if they are constantly active on the go, the new FitTrack Smart Scales could be a brilliant gift for them.

Read my full review here or why not learn more on FitTrack’s website here.

12. FightCamp Experience

Fight Camp Experience

If your loved one likes to keep fit by working out at home or if they want to take up boxing, FightCamp might be your best bet! FightCamp is a new workout subscription that brings authentic, trainer-led boxing workouts to any home.

Read my full review here or why not learn more on FightCamp’s website here.

13. Protein Powder

Protein Powder could be a great idea for a gift as from my own experience, if you are going to be training a lot for boxing or in any sport, protein supplements will help build your muscle strength, but most importantly it will aid towards rebuilding and repairing your muscles after hard training session. This is why it makes a great gift for avid boxers or gym goers.

I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder or why not check out my top 10 protein powder options for those who have dietary preferences.

14. Earphones

Earphones gift | Anthony Joshua

If you boxer and working out with old traditional wire headphone, they will know how frustrating this is get them out the way especially if they have boxing gloves on! Lucky earphones are becoming a great way to get around the above problem and not only they can be used while doing other activities.

I recommend you check out BeatsX earphones or why not check out my top 10 headphones options for working out here.

15. Headphones

Anthony Joshua | Beats Headphones

Much like the above, headphones could also be a great gift for your loved one as not only can they use these in the gym they can use them while chilling out.

I recommend you check out the BeatsSolo or see some more options in my top 10 headphones for working out here.

16. Online Boxing Course

Learn how to box | Online Boxing Course

Has loved one talked about taking up boxing, but just need that’s little confidence push before they finally make a start? Well buying an online boxing course for them could be a great way for them to finally start learning and what the training of the sport is like first. The good thing is most of these course are’t that expensive either and are great for beginners.

Check out my top online boxing courses here.

17. Meister Boxing Glove Deodorizers

Looking after your boxing gloves is essential if you want them last over a long period. Having smelly boxing gloves is never a good thing this could be a great bonus gift if plan on getting a pair of boxing gloves.

Learn more on Amazon here: Mesiter Glove Deodorizer

18. Ultimate Boxing Encyclopedia

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Boxing is the world’s most comprehensive single-volume illustrated work of boxing reference.

Learn more on Amazon here: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Boxing

19. Once There Were Giants Heavyweight

If your Dad grew up in the golden age of heavyweight boxing he might love to read more about it in this amazing book ‘Once There Were Giants’ written by Jerry Izenbergan International Boxing Hall of Fame sportswriter. The book is celebration and memorial to some of the greatest heavyweight fighters from 1962 to 1997.

Check out on Amazon here: Once There Were Giants: The Golden Age of Heavyweight Boxing

20. Rocky: Undisputed Collection (Blue Ray)

Now what boxing fan has never watched or loved watching the Rocky boxing films over the years’. The Rocky Undisputed Collection has all six Rocky films, making it the perfect binge watch throughout the festive period.

Order today on Amazon here: Rocky: Undisputed Collection [Blu-Ray]

21. Boxing Gloves Keyring

Boxing Gloves Keyring / Key chain – a nice gift for any boxing lover to add to their keys chain.

Order on Amazon today here (UK): Boxing keyring | (US/International): Boxing Keyring

22. Sparbar Boxing Bar

Help your loved one completely change up their training by giving them this unique piece of boxing equipment which will help with their speed and reflexes.

Learn more on Amazon here or read my full review here on the Sparbar for more details.

23. FightMaster

Core Home Fitness have created a unique product in The FightMaster punch bag stand which they describe as “The ultimate target striking training station for your home.” The key to their design is the use of the patented reactive rod system attached to each target. This could be a brilliant gift for someone who has home gym or workout space.

Learn more on Amazon here or read my full comparison review here for the FightMaster.

24. Boxing Glove Cufflinks

If your loved one likes attending fancy events and dinners, why not get him this great affordable gift so he can show his interest in sport he loves with his very own boxing glove cuff links.

Learn more on Amazon here: Boxing Glove Cufflinks

25. Four Kings: book

Four Kings Book | George Kimball

This book looks into the careers of the ‘Four Kings’ – “Sugar” Ray Leonard, “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns, and Roberto Duran. These four fighters are considered as some of the greatest boxers of the 70s and early 80s and all time. Writer George Edward Kimball writes and impressive biography on how they dominated their era.

Learn more on Amazon here: Four Kings: Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing

26. Desktop Boxing Kit

This desktop boxing kit will help knock out your stress – A fun little bonus gift.

Learn more on Amazon here (UK only): Desktop Boxing Kit

27. Historic Newspaper Memorabilia Book

Your Dad might be a bit of a history buff and this book gives some of the most iconic headlines throughout the history of boxing. A great look into the past thoughts and images of the boxing ages.

Order today here: Boxing Personalized Historic Newspaper Memorabilia Book

28. Mini Boxing Gloves

More of an added fun gift for you to get and something to show off your interest in boxing by hanging on your rear-view mirror or anywhere else you can think of.

Order today on Amazon: Pro Impact Mini Boxing Gloves

29. BOXRAW Workout Apparel

boxraw women

Boxraw men apparel

BOXRAW makes some of the finest boxing clothing and accessories for passionate boxers around the world. Collaborating with the greatest champions and athletes, they accompany any boxing journey, whether it’s to strengthen your fitness, grow your confidence, or become a world champion. They have great range of training clothes for men and women.

Get $/£15 off BOXRAW when you spend $/£55 or more – use the link here to apply at checkout.

30. Boxing artwork or painting

Getting inspirational wall art of one of your favorite boxers is a brilliant gift if your loved one is wanting to add something to their bedroom or study wall.

You can get some relatively good pieces of all the boxing greats on Amazon here.

31. Reflex Punch Bag

A reflex punch bag can be a fun gift for your loved or kid looking to train from home. Reflex Bag or ‘Cobra Bag’ has become popular in recent years’ thanks to professional boxer Ryan Garcia who dazzled many by showing off his skills on social media.

Learn more on Amazon here: Tech Tools Punching Reflex Boxing Bag

32. Punch Bag Kit

Getting an all in one punch bag package combination could be the ideal solution for an overall gift. The link below is by RDX Sports who have also thrown in bag gloves, hand wrap, skipping rope, grip strengthener and mini boxing gloves. You could tick a few items off your list with this deal.

Learn more on Amazon here: RDX Punch Bag Kit for Boxing Training

33. RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves are the perfect starting boxing glove for beginners and RDX have created a really good all round glove for beginners to go for! The glove comes in a range of colours including gold, red, green, blue and pink so you can pick whatever fits your fancy.

Learn more Amazon here: RDX Ego Boxing Gloves or check out my top 5 RDX options here.

34. Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves

The Everlast Powerlock gloves are definitely gloves to consider for any boxer. They are fantastic all round gloves for sparring, hitting the heavy bag or pads. The design of the glove gives you the perfect balance between power and protection.

Learn more on Amazon here: Everlast PowerLock Pro Training Gloves or check out my full review here

35. Rival Boxing Gloves

Rival boxing gloves are very much considered to be leading the industry with their innovative approach to provided unique boxing gloves from beginners to world champions. These could be a great option for your loved one looking for a new pair of gloves for their workouts.

Learn more on Amazon here (above glove): Rival RB11 Evolution Boxing Bag Gloves. Or check out my top 6 Rival boxing gloves here.

36. Venum Boxing Gloves

Venum Boxing Gloves have to have some of the coolest glove designs and could make a fantastic gift for a loved one looking for a pair of new boxing gloves!

Learn more on Amazon here (above glove): Venum Gladiator 3.0 Boxing Gloves. Or check out my top 10 Venum boxing gloves here.

37. A New Boxing / Gym Kit Bag

Has your loved one been using the same gym bag for a bit too long? Why not consider getting them a brand new boxing/gym kit bag for them to use going forward.

Here are some great options you should consider on Amazon:

38. Fitbit

A fitbit is brilliant gift if your loved one likes to keep fit or are constantly on the move.

Learn more or Amazon here: Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

39. Boxing Headguard

If your loved one is taking part in sparring in the boxing gym or in fact competing they will without a doubt need a decent boxing headguard.

I highly recommend you check out my top 10 boxing headguard here for options.

40. Mouthguard


Likewise with the above, if they going to be sparring or competing I highly recommend you get them a good mouthguard.

I highly recommend you check SafeJawz mouth guards here or why not look at my other top other options here.

41. Groin Protector

Groin protector are also an overlooked piece of boxing gear, but they are essential for those that spar or compete at any level at all.

Check out some groin protector options on Amazon here

42. Handwrap


Every boxer should have handwrap in my opinion, especially if you don’t want to hurt your hands and wrists when doing boxing workouts. This can be a great bonus gift if you plan on getting your loved one a pair of boxing gloves.

I recommend you check out the following options on Amazon here

43. Boxing Apparel

Boxing Apparel | Anthony Joshua | under armour

Every boxer I know likes to have some sort of unique boxing apparel so they can wear in the gym or even casually outside of their training.

I recommend you check out my top boxing apparel clothing gear blog here.

44. Boxing Vintage Poster

If posters are your thing, maybe a vintage boxing poster might be a great bonus option to put up on you wall.

Learn more on Amazon here

45. Double End Bag

Double end bags are a great training tool for improving timing, reflexes and hand eye coordination. This is what makes them quite fun gift for those the practice boxing from home.

I recommend you check out Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Interactive Double End Bag, which has it’s very own training platform for you to learn and challenge yourself while training.

Or why not check out FGHTR quick box double end bag here for those just starting out

46. Egg Weight for Shadow Boxing

If you live with a boxer you will definitely know the are constantly shadow boxing whether that be at home or in the gym! A great way to help them improve their muscle endurance is with specifically design egg weights. These can also be used for running and makes great little side gift!

Learn more on Amazon here: Egg Weights Hand Dumbbell Set

47. The Greatest: My Own Story

Everybody who loves boxing truly appreciates ‘The Greatest’ and what he did for the sport. In this book, Muhammad Ali in his own words, the heavyweight champion of the world pulls no punches as he chronicles the battles he faced in and out of the ring in this fascinating memoir edited by Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Toni Morrison.

Learn more on Amazon here: The Greatest: My Own Story

48. Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee, may be mainly associated with mixed martial arts, but a lot of the fighting and life philosophy can be applied for the sweet science of boxing! A very good read for those obsessed with the fight game!

Learn more on Amazon here: Tao of Jeet Kune Do: New Expanded Edition

49. The Secret

This a book I personally recommend for everyone read as it really does consider positive thinking and how to change you life for the better. This can be a great book for any boxer looking to increase their focus or reach their goal once and for all!

Learn more on Amazon here: The Secret

50. Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

Mike Tyson was considered the baddest man on the planet during his prime years’ in boxing, but this book goes deeper than that as it shows how Tyson bounced back in his life after losing pretty much everything. This New York Times best-seller is definitely one for all boxing fans to get stuck into!

Learn more on Amazon here: Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

If this wasn’t enough for you make sure to check out my other boxing reviews for further ideas here. Let me know in comments below which idea is your favorite.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That fightmaster kit is awesome. It’s a total all-in-one and it looks like you can do all the punches and combos with it. I would definitely recommend it as a gift for yourself or anyone who’s looking to take up the sport of boxing. 

    The boxing course is another ringer. It’s great for those who might be self-taught as well, so it would rank high on my own wishlist, along with a set of gloves. The Hayabusa gloves and Venum gloves are my two favorites. I love the design on the Venum. 

  2. Thanks for such an amazing article, boxing as a sport has contributed greatly in nation building, creating friendly relation among nations of the world. My son whom is currently learning boxing in a local gym will be super excited, if I gift him free standing punch bag in his next birthday. I am seeing him as the next big start of the word in the game of boxing.

  3. What a list we have here, gifts are a medium through which feelings are expressed, so the type of gifts we buy for people matters not just in boxing but in other aspects of life. As a growing child back in the days,the gifts I always got from my parents were always mind blowing. I’d buy a punch bag kit for anyone close to me who is definitely a boxer.

    1. Thanks Wilson, gifts can really help put a smile on someones face especially when it’s something they are passionate about! I think if you are buying for a beginner a punch bag is great option, along good pair of boxing gloves. Why not check out my top boxing gloves for beginners here.


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