5 Reasons To Start Your Boxing Training Journey in 2023

Take up boxing in 2019

It’s a New Year and of course we’re all thinking about our year’s resolution to take up. Whether that be a new hobby, improving our health or finding a new passion in life. For me seven years ago it was to taking up boxing, and after walking into a boxing gym, it changed my life and mindset ever since.

To start the year off I wanted to give you some of my top reasons why you should consider taking up boxing training in 2022.

1. Learn new skills

Boxing Skills

Boxing comes with a whole package of skills to learn and it is something you definitely find out quickly when you start your journey in the sport. For many on the outside it’s just two men or women in the squared ring fighting, in reality there is a whole range of skills you learn from boxing which are fundamental to your success if wish to take it further than just punching a bag.

From learning how to throw a jab, boxing footwork, defense and punch combinations, these are things that all seem easy to learn until you start. One of the best training conditioning skills I’ve learned since starting has been skipping (Check out my article here), which is big part in a boxers training skills which I guarantee you will be doing at one point.

2. Improves your physical health

Improve your health

This is quite an obvious one, but boxing will get you quickly in the best shape of your life. With the intensity of the training in boxing there nothing quite like the workout you get from it, but most importantly you will really feel the benefits after few sessions.

As you are constantly moving around and throwing punches, it gives your whole body a workout which will in turn improve your cardio, speed and strength. If you are wanting lose weight or take your fitness to the next level. I highly recommend that you give boxing a shot, you just need to be consistent to really see the benefits.

3. Gives you routine and discipline

Tyson Fury Training and keeping up his routine

Boxing training for the most part is doing the same thing over an over again and perfecting your craft to be the very best. Routine and discipline is a big part of the parcel and this itself is a very good thing for your mind and wellbeing.

Just take a look at heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury who made his remarkable come back from depression and 27 stone to challenge for a world title fight in December 2018. Tyson says himself:

“A structured routine in life is key – having short-term and long-term goals”

Check out the video below which will hopefully give you a a lot of extra motivation to see how you can bounce back from anything.

4. Greater confidence

Canelo celebrating

Boxing training without a doubt will give you more confidence than ever before. Everyone starts off very timid about the experience (I certainly did), but once you learn skills, improve your fitness and keep routine your self-esteem will be at an incredible high.

Having learned the skills from boxing you will always feel like you have the confidence to protect yourself if you ever get in a dangerous situation. But not just in these situations but in life itself, the sport thrives off yourself being confident and it goes into your everyday life.

5. New goals and ambition

If you are going to start boxing in 2021 and manage to keep it up for a period, you should mark out what goals and ambitions you want to take from the sport.

Boxing is no easy game and is an extremely hard and brutal sport if you want to take it to the next level. That is why I recommend you set yourself realistic goals on what you actually want to gain from it in 2022. Is it just to lose weight? To take your fitness to the next level? Learning to defend yourself? Becoming a district champion? These are all achievable in their own way and boxing can help you achieve these ambitions, you just need to put in the work if you truly want to achieve them

I hope these top 5 reasons will hopefully go on to inspire you to take up boxing in 2022. I also recommend you check out my How To Start Boxing On Your Own in 10 Steps article here for more advice and motivation

Make sure to let me know in the comments below if you are thinking about taking it up this year and what goals you have.

If you are a complete beginner to boxing and are looking for a online course to start somewhere, I’d recommend you check out my best online boxing course article for some useful programs to try out.

For more updates make sure to check out my full blog list here.

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13 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Start Your Boxing Training Journey in 2023

  1. Hi, 

    Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m glad I’ve landed on a page where I will be getting in touch with boxer himself. Among all the sports, I don’t like boxing that much, but sometimes I admire the footwork and how swift some fighters are. I do have my doubts though? I don’t like the way the big boxers act to try make money. I stand to be corrected If I’m wrong. What’s your take on that?

    However, I like to exercise and maybe punching a heavy bag will help my arm strength. 

    1. Hi thanks for your comment,

      I understand how some people have doubts about boxing and boxers. It’s shame when the sport gets perceived like this. From a grassroots level from my own experience I feel most boxers are very humble and hard working. It’s only when you get to the very pinnacle of sport when so much money is involved, that egos can come into it i.e. Mayweather. 

      In terms of hitting the heavy bag it will give you a really good workout, check out this video here for some beginner tips. 

  2. I’m a big fan of boxing and always spend time watching boxing. I also believe that boxing is a very hard sport. But reading your article has given me the motivation to want to give it a try this year. The routine discipline and confidence to gain from being an active boxer are enormous. It is good to see how boxing can help recover from emotional depression. 

    Well I may add boxing training to my hobby this year. Smiles. 

    Thanks for your encouragement always.  

    1. Thanks for your comment, glad to hear my article has given you some extra motivation in 2019. Hopefully you will give boxing a go, you wont regret it! 😉

  3. Hello,

    I never practice boxing but I was a great soccer player. 

    I also played tennis, volleyball and also did some karate. 

    I like the competition and why not practice boxing? 

    I am currently 60 years old, I feel very good physically, what do you think of my age, is it limiting?I would start boxing to learn how to defend myself but how to start? Thanks for the advice you can give me.Excellent article. 

    Regards! Claudio

    1. Hi Claudio, It’s never too late to start anything. If you want to try boxing from a fitness point of view you should give it go! Sounds like you have been quite active over your life, so why not try it out and see how you get on.



  4. More than a third of all adults, 38 percent say, they like boxing. These great statistics speak of the volume and respect in the sport of boxing. 

    It is great as a whole body exercise and provides routine and discipline that inherently can translate to other activities in life. 

    I love the quote by Tyson Fury “A structured routine in life is key – having short-term and long-term goals”. It touches me right away.

    Practice makes you perfect and the process leads to more self-confidence. This big trait of life comes here as a fringe benefit.

    I have never tried boxing and it scares me when I watch at times. This article made me a little bit comfortable/ 

    You will get all of these if you make boxing as your new goal of 2019. 

    1. Hi Anusuya, thanks for the comment! Wow I didn’t realise that stat was the case. It really is an incredible sport and form of exercise for the body and mind. I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone who is looking to try something different in the New year. 



  5. Among the heavyweights, Muhammad Ali really loved showing off his skipping skills.  Probably popularised it in the sport. You can see how it can be a contributing factor to his “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” agility.  So I’m with you when you note the whole package of skills you get from taking up boxing.

    As a sport, boxing has my respect.  Being a good boxer is not just being able to punch.  You need to be very fit, very technically skilled but most of all you have to be very brave.  So anyone who decides to pick it up will be properly challenged but, as you’ve indicated, there will be a wealth of benefits to be gotten i.e. fitness, health, discipline etc.

    1. Hi Cath, thanks for this comment. You are right about Ali he was truly one of the best ever heavyweights and the way he moved around the ring was unreal. Like you said, there is a lot more to boxing than just throwing a punches and that’s what makes it a great New Year’s Challenge to try out. 



  6. I didn’t know that boxing improved your cardio. That makes sense considering how much you move in the sport. I’ll have to consider your tips so that I can stay healthy.

  7. Thanks for letting your readers know that skipping is a great training conditioning skills that you can learn from boxing. As you’ve said joining boxing training can help learn new skills and improve your physical health. My brother is looking for new physical training this year as he wants to learn new kills for physical fitness. I’m gonna advise him to try boxing to learn more useful techniques and skills.

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