12 Boxing Fights We All Want To See In 2023

Boxing Fights We All Want To See In 2023

As we wait for the boxing schedule to cement itself. We are still waiting for some so-called ‘BIG’ fights to be announced.

Some fights have already been confirmed but we are still waiting on official dates for these.

But in the case of this article, I’ll give you 12 fights as fans we want to see, why they will be good, and I will cover fights across the weight divisions. 

I’ll also give a score of how likely they could happen. As let’s be honest boxing can really disappoint us at times… 

You can watch my video version or continue reading below:

12. Golovkin vs Munguia

Golovkin vs Munguia - Fights we want to see 2023

Personally, I think most hardcore boxing fans are sick and tired of Munguia taking fights we know he’s going to win. It’s getting to the point now where it is without question becoming a padded-out record (41-0, 33 KO) and you have to ask the question of what his management team is doing.

At the end of 2022, he dropped the chance to fight Janibek, which had the potential to be a really good fight. If he is going to take the reigns from Canelo as Mexico’s face of boxing. A huge fight with a Golovkin would be key this year. 

I also, think for Gennady Golovkin that if he does decide to fight on. This is a fight that will generate another huge payday before his inevitable retirement. This may be a perfect time before he also gets any older.

Chance of happening – 6/10

11. Jesse Bam Rodriguez vs Rey Martinez

Bam Rodriguez vs Rey Martinez - Fights we want to see 2023

Now Bam Rodriguez has made it clear he will move down to flyweight. And a fight with switch-hitting Mexican Rey Martinez is probably most likely to happen at some point in 2023. 

There has also been a calling out from IBF champion Sunny Edwards, which I would also love to see. But for me, the Rey Martinez fight is just more likely to happen. Martinez fighting on DAZN and he has also shown he is willing to challenge himself against the best as stepped in as the last replacement for his fight against Chocolatitio. 

Bam for me is one of the most exciting fighters in the sport and a fight with Martinez could still be an interesting clash of styles to happen.

Chance of happening – 6/10

10. Taylor vs Catterall 2

Taylor vs Catterall 2- Fights we want to see 2023

Now this was actually a fight attended the first time around, and if I’m being honest the home crowd had a sense of relief for Taylor. As everyone knew Jack Catterall probably won the fight. 

Since then Josh Taylor took a long layoff, but if he wishes to cement his legacy, this is a fight that has to be taken to redeem himself. Or else the backlash from their first encounter will follow him for the rest of his life. 

I think it would be fair for Catterall to get that chance, and prove he really is the real deal.

There have been lots of rumors that this fight will take place in February 2023.

Chance of happening 9/10

9. Inoue vs Fulton

Naoya Inoue vs Fulton- Fights we want to see 2023

Now after Naoya Inoue’s comfortable win over Paul Butler, to become undisputed there really is nothing left for him to stay down at 118 lbs. The only way is a move up in weight to see him fight best in another division. 

In the division above him is the highest rated and unified super bantamweight champion ‘Cool Boy’ Stephen Fulton

This would be a brilliant clash of styles for many. Fulton with a very slick and skilled style against The Monster Inoue’s pressure and power punching. 

Now as much as I would love this to happen, I can’t see it happening anytime soon. Fulton has been rumored to say he wants to move to featherweight, while it doesn’t help that they fight for opposing promotional promoters and networks.

Chance of happening – 2/10

8. Wilder vs Joshua

Wilder vs Joshua - Fights we want to see 2023

This was a fight talked about way back in 2018 when both men were still champions. However, we live in a different reality now, where they have both suffered defeats to the new top dogs of the division – Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk

Still, both have so much to offer to the sport in my opinion and have exciting styles where either man could be knocked out.

At the moment they are both on their so-called comebacks to the top. And with conversations around Wilder vs Ruiz and Joshua vs Whyte 2 happening instead. There could still be hope of this happening, especially if Usyk and Fury end up fighting. 

Chance of happening – 3/10

7. Haney Vs Loma

Haney vs Lomachenko- Fights we want to see 2023

Ever since Lomachenko lost to Teofimo Lopez to become the undisputed champion. Many said this might be the end of Loma’s run. But since that defeat has had three solid wins over Commey, Ortiz, and Nakatani. Not to mention what has been going on in his home county. 

Devin Haney on the other hand took his opportunities by going to Australia and defeating Kamabosos jr twice. But there is still question marks over whether he really is all he makes out. And to do this he needs to face one of the other top lightweight contenders. 

An aging Lomachenko, who you could argue is past his best, could be a defining fight. However, Haney not looking so great in his last weigh-in vs Kambosos. He has even talked about a move upto 140 soon. 

Despite this, I think as fans we would love to see Loma get that last opportunity and see if Haney can prove us wrong by defeating the great Ukrainian.

Chance of happening – 6/10

6. Plant vs Benavidez

Plant vs Benavidez - Fights we want to see 2023

Now, this is a fight that seems to have been agreed upon in principle with both fighters announcing on their social media that this will happen in 2023

With March seemingly being the time this could happen. Personally, I think this is a brilliant fight stylistically. Benavidez has an aggressive swarmer style, while Caleb Plant is a more technical pure boxer who likes to box on the back foot and counter punch. 

From all the reports, it does seem like this will get the go-ahead in early 2023, and most boxing fans will not want to miss it. 

Chance of happening – 9/10

5. Canelo vs Benavidez

Canelo vs Benavidez - Fights we want to see 2023

This may all depend on what Canelo Alvarez chooses to do next. Whether he takes a warm-up fight to come back vs some like the UK’s John Ryder or steps in right with Bivol for a rematch is yet to be seen. 

However, stylistically a Canelo vs Benavidez fight is something we would all love to see. They both like to come forward and they can both act as aggressive counterpunchers. 

Personally, I think the only real chance of this happening is if Benavidez defeats Plant. This would therefore put more pressure on the Mexicans to take the fight. However, maybe a defeat for Benavidez vs ‘Sweethands’ may encourage him to jump in with him too.

In my opinion, though the Mexican star should try to take this fight sooner rather than later. As Benavidez is only going to get better over the next couple of years. 

Chance of happening – 4/10

4. Bivol vs Beterbiev

Bivol vs Beterbiev - Fights we want to see 2023

2022 really was a breakthrough year for Dmitry Bivol as he earned himself two defining wins over p4p star Canelo Alvarez and the hard-hitting southpaw ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez with ease.

Canelo is now the one pushing for a rematch with Bivol. And sure there would be a lot of money on the table for this fight. However, the fight we really want is against his monster countryman Artur Beterbiev

Betebiev though will first be fighting Anthony Yarde in January and if he gets through that unscathed! There is no reason why that fight can’t happen anytime soon. 

However, something just tells me that with Top Rank involved (different promoters), this could be a difficult one to make. 

Chance of happening – 5/10

3. Fury vs Usyk

Fury vs Usyk - Fights we want to see 2023

We haven’t had an undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis and this is simply the best chance of this happening for quite a while.

There have been reports that the teams have been negotiating a deal for this to happen in the first 6 months of 2023 in the middle east. But the recent call from the WBA for Usyk to fight Daniel Dubois may have just put a delay on this fight from happening again. 

Not only that Tyson Fury for all we know may retire again or take another leftover opponent instead too. 

Nevertheless, stylistically I’m very intrigued to see how Oleksandr Usyk handles the size of Fury while also interested to see how Fury would address Usyk’s movement. 

Chance of happening – 5/10

2. Tank vs Garcia

Tank vs Ryan Garcia - Fights we want to see 2023

Similarly to the Plant vs Benavidez situation, it looks like this fight has been agreed upon in principle. And if I’m being honest I think this has the potential to be an absolute firecracker stylistically!

There does also seem to be an issue with both men fighting on different networks DAZN and Showtime. However, it appears that this will be some sort of co-promotion with PBC and Golden Boy. Likewise with networks of Showtime and DAZN. 

While it also helps that Tank Davis has now left Mayweather promotions, so he can do his own thing and try to make some of these big flights happen from 135-140. 

April 14th, 2023 has been the reported date. But there is still part of me that thinks this could still fall through. But hopefully, have a better idea very soon.

Chance of happening – 6/10

1. Spence vs Crawford

Fights we want to see 2023 - Spence vs Crawford

This true super fight in boxing should’ve happened last year. But with Terence Crawford being rigid with his place in the negotiations with Al Haymon and PBC, it looks like this fight will take even longer to happen. 

And it is slowly in danger of turning into a Mayweather vs Pacquaio situation. Where it will end up being a fight that should’ve happened many years before. 

As Crawford has fought now at the end of 2022, Errol Spence Jr will no doubt also want a fight early next year if he is going to fight Terence. (Rumors of non-title fight vs Keith Thurman)

However, I really do think it benefits these two to fight soon, as hungry and very talented young lions of Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis and Victor Ortiz Jr are licking their lips at a chance for a world title shot. There is only so much longer they can both hold them off. 

We just have to hope they can get back to negotiating table next year and make this happen.

Chance of happening – 3/10

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