10 Proven Reasons Why Boxers Should Take Up Yoga

Whether it is a trend or just a choice of exercise, yoga has taken up its popularity to an entirely new level. About a decade ago, the people who were practicing yoga were considered as ones who needed more mental stability and exercise, rather than real physical exercise.

On many occasions, yoga has appeared to be very functional and useful. Its presence soon shifted into pilates, combining these two sports exercises together. Soon, more and more people started practicing yoga, some seeing its benefits and having a strong will to try it, and some just looking to be part of the trend.

Whichever the case, people fell in love with yoga, and this was not just the case with the common ones who were doing their regular weekly exercises. The yoga trend shifted onto the professional sportsmen and sportswomen, as a way to keep up their physical condition on the top level, as well as do some mental and physiological healing.

Boxing and Yoga

Lately, one particular group of sportsmen and sportswomen is taking up yoga as their choice of additional exercise, and that is the boxers. Although it may come as a surprise and unexpected thing, yoga, and boxing do go well hand in hand, with yoga complementing boxing. All in service of providing the best for the body, this is not some trend, but a practice that has been going on for some time.

If you were wondering why yoga has such an effect on boxers and boxing, here are 10 reasons that are going to explain all of that. If you are a boxer yourself then these 10 reasons will certainly get you inspired to try out and see the results yourself.

1. Yoga increases strength

Yoga increases strength

There is one popular way of increasing strength for the sportsmen and sportswomen and that is weight training. One disadvantage that comes from it is that it focuses on certain areas and set of muscles, neglecting the others. Contrary to the weight-training, yoga as a sports exercise targets all the key muscle groups and improves and increases the overall strength of the entire body.

As you might have heard, with yoga, every muscle works. Working towards gravity, the bodyweight itself creates resistance. With some simple poses, the boxers can improve their stamina, core strength, and muscle tone.

2. Yoga improves flexibility

Yoga flexibility

In boxing, strength is not the most important quality you need to have to be successful. It is flexibility. The flexibility, alongside the ability to quickly and flawlessly move and react, is something that the muscles provide. And flexible muscles can be gained by practicing yoga.

Yoga teaches the body how to properly position and use the muscles so that they can be stronger and more flexible. Also, it promotes stretching as an unavoidable part of the healing, restoring, and repairing of the condition of the muscles. For the boxers, proper stretching and holding pose to improve the flexibility needed in the ring. Also, it contributes to a better posture in training and matches.

3. Yoga increases the energy level

Yoga can calm the mind

When boxing, it is important to have enough energy to survive and move for many rounds. Tiredness and feeling that you are losing your strength mean that the brain is not receiving enough energy. Believe it or not, yoga can help with energy too. Regular yoga training is a great way to achieve the levels of energy you need. Yoga improves the blood flow in the body which results in fresh blood coming to the brain. And that is energy.

4. Yoga can calm the mind

Calm the mind

The emotional benefit of yoga is very well-known. For the boxers, emotional stability is needed so that they can control their anxiety and think about the moves that they will do or are going to take. Yoga here can do wonders to the brain. It can calm the mind by decreasing cortisol levels, which can result in an improved game.

5. Yoga helps in controlling the breathing

Yoga helps in controlling the breathing

One important thing that is so calming about yoga is breathing. Learning how to control your breathing is very important for the boxers to keep their muscles oxygenated. Also, the correct way of breathing provides easy moving and proper channeling of the strength. Also, the right way of breathing saves energy and makes the boxers more viable and present in the ring.

6. Yoga improves balance

Balance is a quite needed thing when doing sports. It is even more important for the boxers because they use both their legs and arms. Yoga is known to help in improving balance and coordination. Finding the right balance can be crucial in being a successful boxer and it is considered an advantage.

7. Yoga can extend your reach

Yoga can extend your reach

The long reach in boxing is not something that is required as a skill, but it certainly does not harm. The reach is important so that you know where and when to center your strength. Yoga can help in that and also protect and improve the condition of the muscles that are being used up in all the training. The correct way of stretching that is learned through yoga, helps protect the muscles, and improves the length of the reach, which might come in handy.

8. Practicing yoga prevents injuries

Practicing yoga prevents injuries

Another benefit of yoga is that it combines mobility work, balance training, and stretching which reduces the risk of injuries for boxers. Practicing yoga improves shoulder flexibility, sit-reach, and the mobility of joints which are vital parts for the boxers.

9. Yoga repairs the boxing pain and stiffness

Yoga repairs the boxing pain and stiffness

As a sport, boxing involves a lot of positions of the body and movements that can feel unnatural. Strong hits can lead to some muscle damage and there can be soreness and stiffness in different parts of the body. Yoga is an excellent way to repair and restore all that imbalance in the muscles and different parts of the body. For example, the neck and shoulder pain will disappear by stretching.

The joints and wrists can also suffer from all that punching and the fixated position of the hands, which can lead to carpal tunnel. Yoga can reduce the pain and improve the grip strength which eventually prevents injuries in that part of the hands.

10. Yoga can reduce stress and improve sleep

Sleep is an important part of regular everyday functioning, and for the boxers, it is a way to restore the strength of the body, the mind, and the muscles themselves. Yoga is a powerful treatment when dealing with different sleep issues. Also, getting enough sleep means that the body and the mind are calm and not anxious which can lead to better performance. It relieves stress and anxiety and helps the body to bring out the best results.

Listen to how Olivia Young combined boxing and yoga together in her business!

These 10 reasons are proven
as highly efficient and functional when it comes to combing yoga and boxing. Although one can be practiced without the other, yoga for example, for boxing, yoga is a highly recommended addition that improves the overall health of the body.

Boxing itself is a very demanding sport and although it requires a lot of energy to make the body endure and sustain all those hits, it also requires time and strength to recover and prepare for the next training or match. And there simply is no better way to do it than to practice yoga. Boxing is a strong and demanding sport that consumes a lot of energy. To revitalize and restore the lost strength, the body needs something opposite to boxing.

Yoga is the perfect solution to it because it combines the physical, mental, and scientific benefits, all with the goal of keeping the body and the mind in nice sync that can work not just for the boxers, but for all the sportsmen.

Watch below to hear from former boxing world champion Shawn Porter on how he has benefitted from using yoga in his training regimen.


Yoga Training Course To Try

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Final thoughts

So, whether you are practicing boxing just as a sport or exercise, or you are a professional boxer, it is much suggested and you should try to incorporate yoga as part of your training. It can be practiced throughout the entire year, both out in the open or inside the gym. It will do wonders with your condition and your mind, and you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and heeled. And your body and mind will be thankful!

Thanks for reading!

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